[Update: Mar. 14] Apex Legends down, not working, or stuck at loading screen? You're not alone

This article is a continuously updated list of outages that are happening today…

Apex Legends issues and problems

Looks like popular game Apex Legends is acting glitchy at the moment as users are complaining about server issues. Specifically, complainants say the game gets stuck at loading.

Here are some reports:


Some users are also getting the following error:

disconnect persistence read complete for data storage respawn failed

We are looking for more info at the moment, including an official word from the company behind the game. So keep checking back as we’ll be updating the story continuously in real time with useful info.

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Update 1 (August 18)

Update 1

Seems to be a widespread outage, as reports are pouring in from several regions:


Update 2

We’re seeing reports of some other problems as well:


Update 3

An advice for those who are still online with the game:

Update 4

Some users now say the issue is fixed for them.


Meanwhile, frustration is mounting up:

Update 5

EA says they are working to fix the issue:

Meanwhile, try out this workaround:

Or try flushing your DNS (as suggested here). Or you can run the following command (after right clicking on the windows startup icon and selecting ‘Windows Powershell (admin)’:

ipconfig /flushdns

Update 6

The Twitter handle of Apex Legends has retweeted EA’s tweet.

Update 7

If you are still facing the issue, you might want to keep trying until you succeed.

Else, try the workaround mentioned in the following video (it has worked for many users so far):


Thanks Luke Yanno for the tip ….

Update 8

GOOD NEWS: Fresh reports are coming in that servers are back up.


But we’ll still wait for the company to make an formal announcement through its social media channels.

Update 9

Formal announcement:

Update 10 (Oct 30)

Going by proliferating reports on micro-blogging site Twitter, EA servers are down and not working for many as of writing this. Here are some of the reports:

@EAHelp EA servers are still down

Are EA servers down for PS4??? @EA @Battlefield @BattlefieldBR

Update 11 (Feb 05)

Going by reports proliferating at Twitter, it appears Apex Legends game servers are down and not working in some regions (like India and Brazil).

Apex sever down now on ps4. Please fix now!!!!!!!

Ps4 server down

Update 12 – Salesforce down

A lot of users are complaining that the Salesforce platform is down at the moment for them. Going by reports, the website is inaccessible for some, while others are not able to login.

Here are some complaints:


It doesn’t seem to be a worldwide outage though.

For its part, Salesforce has shared that there’s definitely an outage for a subset of its customers, and reason for it is an Internet backbone transit issue.


We are keeping a close watch and will be updating this story with more info in real time, so keep checking back.

Update 13

Salesforce says they are working to fix the problem asap.


Update 14

The service seems to be coming back up slowly.


Update 15 – Live Leak outage

It’s now coming to light that video sharing platform LiveLeak is currently down.

We can confirm that’s the case as the website is inaccessible for us as well (error 500 or error 502). We are looking for more info, and will update this story soon, so keep checking back.

Update 16

The site is back up.

Update 17 (Feb 13)

Apex Legends servers are seemingly down as users report connection issues. Down detector also conveys outage in some regions.

Update 18 (March 26)

Down detector suggests EA servers are down at this moment as users are reportedly unable to login to Apex Legends.

Update 19 (May 05)

A storm of reports from disgruntled users on Twitter suggests that the EA servers are down again and players are stuck in the main menu of Apex Legends. The team confirmed that the problem was fixed a couple of hours ago.

Actually fixed. It was a long day (Source)

However, fresh reports say otherwise. We’ve added some of them for reference below:


It’s not working again just stuck in the main menu again (Source)

I still get kicked out and get the EA servers not working message (Source)

Update 20 (August 24)

Many Apex Legend players have taken to Twitter and Reddit to seek help with a glitch in the game that’s causing an error message saying ‘internal server shutting down’ to pop up or players simply get kicked from the game.

Anyone else having their server drop in the middle of a match in arenas. Really getting annoying 7 games in my favor I couldn’t finish!… WTH respawn (Source)

Three ranked arenas games in a row, the connection to the server timed out. It said “internal server shutting down” or something. I wasn’t able to rejoin. I’m on ps4. Is this happening to everyone? Never had this happen this many times in a row. (Source)

Turns out that this is a bug instead of a server problem and Respawn has acknowledged the issue and has also confirmed that they’ve disabled Prowler in Arenas to prevent the glitch.

Just published another small update:

* Temporarily disabling Prowler in Arenas due to crashing issues
* Resolved a bug that was preventing some stats from being properly tracked. Missing stats aren’t recoverable, but should track correctly going forward. Sorry about that one! (Source)

Update 21 (August 25)

EA support is redirecting players to this thread on the official community forum asking them to share their complaints over there regarding the internal server error.

Update 22 (September 15)

10:47 am (IST): Despite Respawn confirming that they’ve fixed the connectivity issues within Apex Legends, many players have taken to Twitter to claim otherwise. Reports suggest that the game still isn’t loading for several individuals.

Well it’s not fixed. Every time I join a match I get hit with a server time out [code:net] I’ve tried several times and still no luck getting into a match but had no problems loading into firing range (Source)

Not fixed at all, if I can even connect to the lobby, it then has infinite loading screen going into a server. (Source)

It’s broken FIX THE ISSUE!!! Not loading the match!!!!!! (Source)

That said, it’s likely that things will settle down sooner rather than later. So feel free to drop a comment below letting us know if the game is working for you or not.

05:54 pm (IST): EA support confirmed that they are working on a fix for the server issues within Apex Legends. In the meantime, they advise users to do the following:

Hi there, sorry for the delay in seeing your message. We’re aware of the issue, and we’re working on a fix. If you are still having trouble, please try a full reboot of your console and router if you can (Source)

Update 23 (September 16)

09:14 am (IST): Respawn has now confirmed that they’re still seeing issues and are working to fix them. However, there’s no concrete ETA for a resolution.

We’re struggling with these persistent, year-long issues. We will update once more while we throw a wrench at a few things. (Source)

Update 24 (September 17)

10:24 am (IST): Respawn says they’re ramping up the server capacity for players of Apex Legends with some fixes scheduled and even more work to fix issues over the weekend.

respawn apex server capacity and fixes over the weekend

Update 25 (October 20)

10:24 am (IST): Players of Apex legend on steam are reportedly unable to play the game as launching it throws up an error. This issue has since been acknowledged by the game developers.

Update 26 (May 25)

09:06 am (IST): It appears that Apex Legends servers were down for a short while, however, things seem to have stabilized at the time of this update as reports indicating an outage have dried up for the most part.

Fix your servers. Please and thanks @PlayApex (Source)

@PlayApex can you please fix the servers asap (Source)

Here’s a screenshot from Downdetector’s outage graph for Apex Legends:


Update 27 (July 22)

05:02 pm (IST): Proliferating reports on micro-blogging site Twitter suggest that Apex Legends servers are currently down and not working for many. Moreover, reports on Downdetector also convey the same.

07:00 pm (IST): According to reports on Downdetector, the recent outage with Apex Legends has now been fixed.

Update 28 (August 10)

10:24 am (IST): According to multiple reports on Twitter (1, 2), Apex Legends servers are currently down or not working for many.

06:13 pm (IST): It seems that the recent issue with Apex Legends servers has been resolved as the reports on Twitter have vanished.

Update 29 (August 17)

06:06 am (IST): Fresh reports confirm that Apex Legends servers are down or not working for a few hours (1, 2, 3, 4). There is still no official acknowledgment from the developers.

Update 30 (January 11, 2023)

08:39 am (IST): The Respawn Entertainment team is aware that some Apex Legends players are experiencing connection issues when in/returning to the lobby, but there is no ETA for a fix yet.

Update 31 (January 12, 2023)

09:41 am (IST): The fact that some players were experiencing connectivity problems in the lobby, Respawn recently deployed an update to fix them.

Heads up, legends 📢
We just pushed a fix to resolve the connection issues players were seeing in the lobby. Thanks for sticking with us through this, and we hope you enjoy the Event!

However, some of them (1,2,3,4) still continue to face various performance as well as connectivity issues.

Update 32 (January 18, 2023)

08:35 am (IST): Multiple reports indicate that Apex Legends is currently down or not working due to server outage (1, 2, 3).

11:00 am (IST): Since no new reports related to outage have surfaced for a few hours, it seems that Apex Legends servers are working properly again.

Update 33 (March 13, 2023)

02:18 pm (IST): As EA servers are currently in the middle of an outage, Apex Legends is also down at the moment (‘error code 110’) (1, 2).

Update 34 (March 14, 2023)

12:33 pm (IST): The recent issue with Apex Legends has now been resolved.

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