[Updated] Hogwarts Legacy 'Take the Biscuit' bug where players cannot rescue Biscuit from the cage under investigation

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Hogwarts Legacy, a famous role-playing video game developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, has come up with some interesting quests.

However, the Take the Biscuit Side Quest is currently letting people down.

The quest requires players to rescue a mooncalf named Biscuit from a cage using a spell to open it. However, a bug is preventing them from completing the quest as the cage isn’t opening.


Hogwarts Legacy ‘Take the Biscuit’ bug troubling some

The issue appears to be linked to looting the area and opening the lock before starting the Biscuit quest. This bug has frustrated some players, and they have taken to social media to express their disappointment.

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5), the bug has been documented on multiple sites with discussion on severity of the problem.

Have not been able to unlock the cage to Rescue Biscuit. It’s honestly really infuriating that this bug seems to be pretty common and nothing has been done to fix it.

Just like biscuits never leaving that cage 🙁

Several players have also shared their experiences on social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit. Some suggest that the bug occurs when they collect all items in the area before starting the quest.

hogwarts legacy
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While the bug can be avoided by not looting the area, once it occurs, it cannot be fixed, leaving players unable to complete the quest.

However, others have claimed that they also encountered the bug even though they hadn’t looted the area before starting the quest.

Official acknowledgment

Fortunately, the bug has been acknowledged by the game’s publisher.

Warner Bros. Games Support is currently investigating the matter and is expected to provide a solution as soon as possible. However, there is no ETA for the fix.

Thanks for contacting us about Hogwarts Legacy! We’d like you to know that the Game Team is investigating this bug under the report at https://hogwartslegacy.bugs.wbgames.com/bug/HL-437. If you have a moment, can you please upvote and comment to help with the investigation? Thank you!

It has been a cause of frustration for players as completing the quest is necessary to progress through the game.

Moreover, the Take the Biscuit quest is an optional side quest, and players who want to complete the game in its entirety will need to complete the quest.

How to prevent it

Apparently, those affected can avoid the bug as suggested below:

Hogwarts legacy take the biscuit
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We hope that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will release a patch to fix the ‘Take the Biscuit’ bug soon.

Update 1 (Mar. 1, 2023)

05:46 pm (IST): For bugged quests (like ‘Take the Biscuit’) you can use the ‘abandon quest’ option as follows:

To abandon a quest, you must press options/select to open your menu, then click on the “Quests” icon. After this, locate the quest you’re on from the list, select it and you should see an option to “Abandon Quest”.

While this won’t fix the quest (if you access it again it will probably still be bugged), it could help you so that the bugged quest doesn’t affect your overall progress on other related quests while a fix is coming.

That said, it seems that it is more difficult to use the ‘abandon quest’ option on PC since, the option is either non-existent or very hidden, according to a redditor.

Update 2 (Mar. 3, 2023)

06:01 pm (IST): There may be a workaround, but it appears to be limited to the disc version (not the digital version). You can check it out below:

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Update 3 (Mar. 10, 2023)

05:17 pm (IST): The latest Hogwarts Legacy patch brought a fix for the ‘Take the Biscuit’ quest bug. However, it seems that it is not working for everyone.

While some players have been able to complete the quest after the update, others still can’t.

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