Fallout 76 'Berry Mentats' not working or highlighting targets; 'fast travel' bugged too

Fallout 76 is set in an alternate universe where a nuclear war has decimated the world, and players must live in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of West Virginia.

Season 12 has a lot to look forward to, such as the Mutated Public Event, and players can also get the Park Ranger Bundle and the St. Patrick’s Day Bundle for 20% discount through March 14th, 2023.

Fallout 76 Berry Mentats not highlighting targets

However, the update is accompanied by certain irritating bugs that have impacted the gaming experience. For starters, Berry Mentats is not working for a number of gamers (1,2,3,4,5,6).

Fallout 76 Berry Mentats not highlighting targets

Berry Mentats is a consumable item in Fallout 76 that grants the user a temporary boost to their Intelligence, as well as highlighting living targets for a short period of time.

But players have recently complained that after utilizing the Berry Mentats, the highlighting effect around the living creatures is no longer visible.

This problem renders one of the key effects or boosts ineffective since detecting enemies and tracking down items throughout quests becomes difficult.

@BethesdaSupport the Berry mentats are not functioning properly on Xbox 76. Nothing glows anymore. Me and multiple friend’s who use it ALOT are having issues.

@BethesdaSupport I can’t log into the support site so I’ll put it here. Berry Mentats have not worked properly since the update. No highlighting

Fast travel bugged

The issues do not stop with Berry Mentats; players claim that ‘fast travel’ is also broken (1,2,3).

Fallout 76 fast travel not working

Several players report that when they use fast travel, it transports them to random locations rather than the specified one.

In other circumstances, fast travel does not work as nothing happens when the player activates it. There are also instances where fast travel allegedly causes device crashes.

Not sure what is going on or if this is a new bug or just one I’m seeing now. I choose an ongoing event, hit travel, just nothing.

I love it when I fast travel. Paying caps to a vendor only for the game to crash while doing so, then loading into a different server with no vendor there. Super tight!

Issues acknowledged

Fortunately, Bethesda Support has acknowledged these issues and said that they are currently investigating them. However, no ETA for a fix was shared.


We hope that developers can figure out what’s causing the issues and address them as soon as feasible. If and when they do, we will update this space accordingly, so stay tuned.

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Featured image source: Fallout 76.

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