Atomic Heart players getting stuck in random places (rocks, floor, walls, and more), but there are workarounds

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Atomic Heart arrived as a game specially designed for lovers of single-player experiences. Being an FPS, it ‘challenges’ an industry whose majority of options in the genre are multiplayer-focused.

Fortunately, the game has been to the liking of many, although there are still some things to fix or improve. For instance, players want a ‘FOV slider’ option, and have also reported some bugs.

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Now, there are players that are getting stuck in random places on the map (such as rocks, floor, walls, and more).

Atomic Heart players getting stuck in rocks, floor, walls and more (even in the air)

It seems that Atomic Heart developers have some work to do regarding textures and collisions. We recently covered reports of players experiencing infinite falls due to the floor suddenly disappearing.

Now, there are players reporting that their characters get stuck in places like rocks, floors, walls and other objects or elements.


Stuck on the centipede mini game. Can’t move at all

Like the title says, I’m at the part where ye gotta get Claire’s limbs back and I’m at the Centipede mini game but I can’t move the “Snake” around. Tried Wasd and the arrow keys but nothing so far.

Is getting stuck in the car a common issue?

Ever after finishing VDNH to go to petrov i have been unable to exit the drivable cars, is this a common issue? and if so is there a fix? i’d rather not walk every time for the rest of the game

In some cases, the issue does not occur due to bugged textures, but to events not triggering. That is, things that should happen after completing a requirement are not happening (for instance, doors that never open).


There are even reports of players getting stuck in the air, where there is nothing to collide with.

Getting Unstuck when unable to move

Multiple times now I have jumped around, only to end up stuck in the air and unable to move or dash and unstick myself. Since there apparently isn’t a fast travel, is there a reliable way to get unstuck?

Of course, this is quite an annoying bug, as it can cause the player to lose progress by having to restart certain sections.

No official word yet, some potential workarounds

There is still no official acknowledgment of this issue from the Atomic Heart devs. However, there are some potential workarounds that could help you.

First, for those cases where the character gets stuck in the air, you can try pausing the game, unpausing it and then doing a ‘jump dash’ move.

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If you get stuck in the air or on an object, an enemy’s attack could ‘unstuck’ you.

Either hope a enemy bot can push you around by attacking you, or reload.

As a last resort, you can load a previous save file. So, make sure to constantly save your game by using the red phones in the safe areas.

Is there a fix soon to stop glitching into the wall? I keep getting stuck in walls and have to either get killed or load a previous save

We will update this story as events unfold in the future.

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