Hogwarts Legacy has become a great success among the gaming community. More and more people are delving into the Wizarding World daily.

Although the current experience is already quite good, there are still some issues to correct. For instance, players unable to complete the ‘Take the Biscuit’ quest, challenges tracker bugged, among others.


When a game becomes so popular, platforms like YouTube are filled with related gameplay videos. That said, currently the ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ gaming category has been removed from YouTube.

Hogwarts Legacy (2023) gaming category removed from YouTube

Multiple reports indicate that the ‘Hogwarts Legacy (2023)’ category is missing or unavailable on YouTube. That was the category under which all videos related to the game should be grouped.

The problem is affecting only new videos that have been uploaded since it started. Old videos that were already tagged under the category still keep it.


It seems that the category in question has been missing from the list for a few days.

So, Hogwarts Legacy players have been uploading videos under ‘The Dark Arts pack DLC’ category, but now that one is not available either.

Hogwarts legacy has been removed from YouTube Gaming List

A few days ago the game has been removed from the gamelist of YouTube Gaming, so people resorted to use “The Dark Arts pack” DLC as their category but today even Dark Arts Pack has been removed from the gamelist.

Currently, new videos related to Hogwarts Legacy will be listed simply as ‘Gaming’, without a dedicated category.

Youtube removed “Hogwarts Legacy” as subcategory in “gaming” in an apparent attempt to suppress this title. Videos which were listed under “gaming” in the subcategory “Hogwarts Legacy” are now simply listed under “gaming”.

Not having a dedicated category will probably cause the ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ related videos to lose visibility as the platform treats them more generally.

Some reports suggest that the ‘Hogwarts Legacy (2023)’ category was removed from YouTube 3 days ago.


The YouTube team is already aware of the situation and looking into it. However, there is no ETA for a fix yet.

we totally understand how important this is for you! we’re aware of the issue & already working on a fix. appreciate your patience while we sort this out

We will update this story as events unfold in the future.

NOTE: You can also check the YouTube bugs/issues tracker.

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