Discord, the successful messaging platform, offers a rich set of options and tools. Its possibilities include creating and maintaining entire servers with multiple sections.

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Bot support is one of the most useful tools for managing servers. These allow you to easily automate a lot of actions.


‘MEE6’ has long been one of the most popular Discord bots, but now it suddenly lost its verification. What does this mean? Here’s what you need to know.

Discord MEE6 bot just lost its verification

MEE6 is a Discord bot that offers features such as server moderation, creation of custom commands, creation/assignment of roles, notifications from video platforms/social networks (Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter), among others.

Its great versatility made it a favorite of many server owners. In fact, according to the official website, MEE6 is present on more than 20 million servers today (some with huge reach).


Discord has a ‘verification’ requirement for bots that want to expand on a large scale (like MEE6 has). An unverified bot will be limited to only 100 servers:

Bot Verification is a requirement for bots that intend to grow to a large scale. Without verification, a bot can be added to no more than 100 servers at a time. Bots become eligible to apply for verification when they join more than 75 servers.

That said, MEE6 bot has suddenly lost its Discord verification a few hours ago. The situation is taking numerous users by surprise.


MEE6 has just lost it’s verification, meaning it can no longer be added to new servers.

So @mee6bot was unverified by Discord. Whether intentional or accidental remains to be seen. Large bots have previously ran afoul of automated anti-abuse by accident and had it ran back, so this action being unintentional wouldn’t be entierly unexpected.

It is not yet known if the unverification of the bot was intentional or a bug. In fact, the MEE6 team is currently investigating the situation:

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What does the Discord MEE6 bot ‘lost verification’ imply?

As mentioned earlier, Discord bot verification increases the limit of channels in which a bot can be present at a time.

The MEE6 bot has exceeded the limit of an unverified bot for quite some time. Therefore, from now on, the MEE6 bot cannot be implemented on new servers.

However, it seems that current Discord servers run by MEE6 bot will keep its functionalities. It is still unknown if this will change in the near future.

Edit (around 9pm EST): It appears like the privileged intents are still granted to MEE6, so any servers currently using MEE6 will not loose any functionality.

Loss of verification also opens the door for the bot to be banned. However, this does not confirm that the bot will be banned.

MEE6 losing the verified bot badge means that the bot cannot be invited to new servers, hindering its growth and setting the stage for the bot to be banned.

Some users agree with the decision

Apparently, the MEE6 bot creators have made some decisions in the last few months that damaged the community’s trust in them.

These decisions include alleged NFT scams, annoying mass DMS, basic features paywalled, among others. So, there are users who agree with the bot unverification.


MEE6 is one of the most popular Discord bots right now, but it’s participated in a lot of shitty practices (Mass DMs, NFT scams, paywalling functions free on other bots) just to increase their profits, which has garnered a lot of hate in the community.

I’m not even surprised that MEE6 got unverified 🙄 There’s been so much shady stuff going on with that bot lately. But it’s actually a relief to see Discord finally taking action instead of covering up MEE6 for once 😅

There is still no official word on the matter from the Discord team. We will update this story once related developments emerge in the future.

Update 1 (March 3, 2023)

08:37 am (IST): According to a report, MEE6 bot has now regained its verification badge.

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