Since its release, many Hogwarts Legacy players have been enjoying everything the game has to offer. Although they have also found some bugs or aspects to improve.

We have recently covered some of those issues like trophies not tracking or unlocking, the buggy Field Guides counter, and more.


Now, multiple players are reporting a bug where some chest items are missing due to full inventory.

Hogwarts Legacy ‘chest items missing due to full inventory’

Like many other games, Hogwarts Legacy players have an inventory limited to a certain number of items.

Normally, when players find a chest with new items but their inventory is full, it should be enough to get rid of the less useful items.

However, a bug is causing players whose inventory is full when opening a chest to not receive the new item, even after freeing up some space, since they can no longer interact with the chest (or it will be empty).


Full Inventory – Chest Bug

When Playing (on PC) with full inventory and opening a chest an information appears that You’re inventory is full. BUT it makes the chest non-interactable anymore… When You revelio it highlights as not opened but the interact option is lost forever.

Weird empty chest bug…is my game ruined?

I opened a collection chest then 2 minutes later opened a legendary chest. Was told my gear is full and didnt get the option to reopen the chest after I cleared out my gear.

The glitch is causing players to lose very valuable items, especially if the chest opened is ‘Legendary’ rank or similar.

Also, there is also no workaround to help resolve the bug once it occurs. The only way to prevent it might be to manually save the game constantly, so that you can load a previous save file if you need to.

The Warner Bros Games team is already aware of the issue and investigating. However, there are no details on an ETA for a fix yet.

Hi there, Felipe! Thank you for writing in. If you have already added your vote and feedback to the entry at, please keep an eye on it for any updates from the game team, as the issue’s still under investigation. Let us know if you have other questions!

We will update this story as events unfold.

Featured Image: Wizarding World

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