[Updated] Beyonce Renaissance Tour Ticketmaster (BeyHive) & Citi presale a lottery system; not all verified fans to get access code

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Original story (published on February 2, 2023) follows:

Beyonce fans are in for a treat, as the successful artist confirmed that she will be undertaking the Renaissance World Tour in the coming months.

As expected, the news made fans very excited, who have been looking for how to get tickets for the tour. However, it seems that it will be somewhat more complicated than expected.


It has been officially confirmed that the Beyonce Renaissance Tour Ticketmaster (BeyHive) and Citi presale will be a lottery system, and multiple fans are upset about it.

Lottery system for the Beyonce Renaissance Tour Ticketmaster (BeyHive) & Citi presale

When Beyonce fans began searching for information about the presale, they found that they would have to go through a lottery system.

First, the process will require a registration as a ‘Verified Fan’. Then, a lottery will determine which of those ‘Verified Fans’ will be able to access the presale.


That is, just registering will not guarantee that you will receive a code. You will also need some luck to be among those chosen by the lottery.

According to Live Nation, the ‘Verified Fan’ system will serve as a filter against scalpers. So, in theory, it would help combat scalpers who usually end up with the availability of tickets just to resell them.

Beyoncé is using Verified Fan to help fans get tickets. Verified Fan requires registration to help filter out buyers looking to resell tickets and create a less crowded ticket shopping experience for fans.

They also make it clear that registration does not guarantee that you will get a presale code for a ticket. This is because the popularity of the artist is so great that they expect a higher demand than the supply of tickets.

Registration does not guarantee tickets – we expect there will be more demand than there are tickets available and a lottery-style process will determine which registered Verified Fans receive a unique access code and which are put on the waitlist.

Here’s how you can participate in the ‘presale lottery’

Signing up as a ‘Verified Fan’ is a two-step process. First, you will have to make a common registration by creating an account through this link.

Then, Ticketmaster will be in charge of verifying your registration and that your account does not show signs of a potential ‘ticket reseller’. Below are more details about the process:

Source (click/tap to expand)

Then, the next step is to wait. Once the demand for tickets exceeds the supply, your ‘Verified Fan’ account will participate in a lottery to determine who gets a presale code.

Access Code: If you receive an access code, it will be sent via text message. It is unique to your account, and will not work if anyone else enters it – do not try to sell or trade your code.

In case you have not been selected in the lottery, you will have to wait to see if there are any tickets available. If this situation occurs, you will receive a message with an access code to join the tickets direct sale.

Waitlist: If tickets remain, we may text you an access code to join the ticket sale. The lottery-style process will be used to determine who gets off the waitlist.

The Ticketmaster/Live Nation registration period will be divided into three groups according to the zone. You can check each registration period in the following image:

(click/tap to expand)

As on previous occasions, there is an exclusive sale for Citibank clients as well. However, it also requires a ‘Verified Fan’ registration, whose process (and registration period) is shown below:

Source (click/tap to expand)

Multiple fans disappointed by the lottery system

The reactions of the fans to the lottery system did not wait. Apparently, many are upset or worried that they can’t guarantee they’ll be able to purchase a ticket.

People mention situations like families or groups of friends who want to go on tour together, but can’t be sure that everyone will win the ‘lottery’ of presale codes.


What happens if you win the lottery for Beyoncé concert but your friends don’t. Or y’all all get tickets for different locations. Why is she trying to break up happy homes

The fact that I gotta get verified & put in a lottery for a chance to get Beyoncé tickets is blowing me. Just take my money please I swear it’s gonna be me in the flesh there 😭😭@Ticketmaster

Those people who are not chosen in the lottery must go to the resale market. This means that they will have to pay much more expensive prices compared to direct ticket sales.

Lastly, there are fans in favor of the lottery system, although not everyone receives codes. They feel it is fairer since everyone will have an equal chance to be chosen, while avoiding scalpers thanks to account verification.

I had to register to get into a lottery to maybe get the chance to buy Beyoncé tickets. More concerts should do that. Reminds me of the old wristband system, equal chance of ecstasy or frustration for everyone.

We will update this story as new relevant developments emerge in the future.

Update 1 (February 6, 2023)

01:12 pm (IST): Ticketmaster is reportedly preparing to sell the tickets for the Beyonce’s upcoming tour in a different way to avoid the ticket fiasco that happened last year during Taylor Swift event.

Also, some fans are getting waitlisted when trying to buy tickets for the upcoming tour.

Update 2 (February 7, 2023)

11:17 am (IST): According to a report, BeHive and Congress could take action against Ticketmaster if it messes up with Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour ticket sales.

Also, a law firm is reportedly asking fans to join them to sue Ticketmaster if they are facing any issues buying tickets for Beyonce’s upcoming tour.

12:41 pm (IST): The Ticketmaster Verified fan program isn’t working for some fans (1,2,3) and they are getting an ‘account not linked to this Verified Fan sale’ error.

Moreover, there are also some who aren’t getting emails with presale codes or waitlist messages.

Update 3 (February 08, 2023)

05:28 pm (IST): Some fans are disappointed (1, 2, 3) as the lottery system apparently didn’t help prevent scalpers and the sale quickly filled with tickets at higher price.

Update 4 (February 24, 2023)

05:34 pm (IST): A few hours ago another presale round was held, but there are fans upset because it was exclusive to Verizon customers, while many never got a code due to the ‘lottery’ system (1, 2, 3).

Also, again, the latest presale round was not free of problems (slow process, login issues or codes not accepted) (1, 2, 3).

Featured Image: Ticketmaster

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