[Updated] Asus ROG Phone 6 audio issues (no bass, low sound or no sound from top speaker) under investigation, but there's a workaround

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Asus ROG Phone 6 is a high-end smartphone made for gaming enthusiasts with a new class-leading thermal system. With a 165Hz display, it is designed to deliver the smoothest gaming experience.

While Asus claims the ROG Phone 6 outperforms its counterparts, the phone still sporadically faces bugs and issues.

It has also received praise for its gaming audio playback capabilities from DxOMark, but some have reported audio issues with the phone, such as with bass, low sound, or at times no sound coming from the top speaker at all.

Asus ROG Phone 6 audio issues

Some users have reported issues with the audio capabilities of the phone and state that they have been present for several months.

on my Asus rog 6 phone, the volume of the top speaker decreases after a while (00:30 usage time) after a reboot, everything is restored.

I have noticed instances where my sound cuts out/fluctuates, The volume will stagger, like it goes up then down, or down then up as I’m moving the volume, if I’m trying to set the volume high to listen to something, it cuts out to a super low where it can barely be heard, this has only happened after the last week or so.

Frustrated users have taken to the Asus Zentalk forum and social media platforms to express their concerns and seek a solution as soon as possible.

The issue has not been fully resolved even with the release of several firmware updates. Some users have even reported that the most recent build 220 released in mid-November has rather made the issue worse.

220 firmware asus phone 6

Though the reason for the audio issues with Asus ROG Phone 6 is not yet known, some users have suggested that the problem may be connected to its software or hardware discrepancies.

Others claim it could be a result of manufacturing defects or other similar issues.

Issue under investigation

Fortunately, Asus has again acknowledged the issue and is currently investigating the matter to provide a reliable solution for the affected users.

I’m sending a message to R&D with the info so that they can check it 🙂

It is worth noting that the issue also got escalated in both October as well as November, but the problem still persists.

Potential workarounds

We have come across a few potential workarounds that have been suggested by some users experiencing the issue.

These include using the MacroDroid app and following the steps given below as a potential solution.

2nd workaround asus

Also, using Cinema mode to improve sound and bass or going on regular calls for a few seconds then switching to speaker mode for a few seconds and then hanging up may also come to your rescue.

I start with the phone to my ear so the proximity sensor triggers the earpiece and shuts off the screen. Then i move the phone away so it activates speaker mode. This is in the messaging app called Signal.

In the phone app i do the same thing. I start with regular call for a few seconds, then switch to speaker mode for a few seconds and then hang up.

The workarounds have helped a handful of users to curb the problem but might not essentially be of use to everyone.

That being said, we hope that Asus finds out a solution to this annoying ROG Phone 6 audio problem and resolves it as soon as possible.

Update 1 (Jan. 05, 2023)

03:34 pm (IST): Asus pushed out a new update with an improved sound experience yesterday, but it seems that the audio-related bug continues to persist.


Update 2 (Feb. 23, 2023)

03:04 pm (IST): According to some users (1,2) Asus ROG Phone 6 audio issues seem to have been fixed.

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