Overwatch 2 'Push mode maps' frustrating players, demand removal from ranked rotation

Push is a fun game mode in which two teams compete for possession of a robot that can move a barricade for each team. Once controlled, the robot moves along a predetermined path in the direction of the enemy spawn.

If the robot reaches the controlling team’s barricade, it will gradually push it along the track. The goal is to push the robot and barricade as far as possible, and reaching the end provides instant victory.

However, this game mode seems to have come under heavy criticism recently.

Overwatch 2 Push mode maps

Some Overwatch 2 players have expressed dissatisfaction with the Push mode maps demanding that they be removed from ranked rotation (1,2,3,4,5).

Overwatch 2 push bad

The main issue is with the map design, which is either too wide or too narrow. Furthermore, any long-ranged character gets an unfair edge, especially when you’re near the spawn because the cover is non-existent.

Gamers like the game mode in principle, but the trip back to the battle without movement abilities is a letdown. Especially if you died just as your squad was about to unlock the forward spawn.

Others believe that instead of the present mechanisms, a brief speed boost could be given to a player as they spawn individually.

Moreover, push matches often take longer than other game modes, making the whole experience less enjoyable for everyone.

It seems like gibraltor, route 66 and others are out. Im curious about when we will possibly get some push maps removed? Mode is borderline pointless to play in open role unranked …

when’s the new push getting removed from comp? if there isn’t a petition on this there has to be bc istg i get paired with bad teams and then i get push for a gamemode, complete automatic win streak ruiner.

Because there are only three push maps, one player believes they will never be removed from the ranked rotation. Therefore, effectively, the player base has no influence over it and must accept the push maps for the duration of the season.

Overwatch 2 push map

We hope that Blizzard takes the feedback into consideration and makes the required improvements to the game mode or maps. That being said, we will bring you all the newest news on the topic, so stay tuned.

Note: We have a dedicated issues/bugs tracker for Overwatch 2, so make sure to follow that as well.

Featured and inline image source: Blizzard

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