[Updated] Google Clock app not working with Spotify or says 'not logged in' for some, issue acknowledged (workaround inside)

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Original story (published on February 17, 2023) follows:

Google Clock is one of the most popular Google apps. It offers some basic and useful functions that make it a simple and practical clock app.

The app also supports Spotify integration. This allows users to wake up to their favorite music instead of a classic alarm tones.


However, it seems that currently the Google Clock app integration with Spotify is not working correctly, as users are getting a ‘not logged in’ error.

Google Clock app Spotify integration not working (‘not logged in’ error)

According to multiple reports, the Google Clock app alarm is no longer playing Spotify music. The alarm will simply play the standard alarm sound.

It seems that the bug is causing users to log out of Spotify from the Google Clock app, as some are getting a ‘not logged in’ error message.


My Alarm on my Google Pixel 6 stopped playing Spotify, and I can’t figure out how to fix it.

Used to be able to wake up to Spotify for almost 6 months when I got the phone last summer. Then a couple weeks ago, it just stopped working and I got a really annoying alarm beeping, which sucked, lol.

Google clock alarm logs out of Spotify every morning

Before updating this all worked just fine, but my alarms now instead blare a loud beeping noise every morning. When I check the alarm there is a ! next to spotify in the alarm settings and it says “Log back into Spotify”

If Google Clock and Spotify are not linked, then the former will not be able to access the music that should play on alarms.

It’s worth pointing out that the Spotify app got a new update after the bug surfaced. However, it seems that the bug is still present even after the update.

I’ve just updated to the most recent Spotify version and made sure Spotify has audio and files permissions enabled. The error is still occurring.

Issue under investigation (potential workarounds)

The Spotify team is already aware of the glitch and investigating. But there is no ETA for a fix yet.


In the meantime, there are a couple of workarounds that might help you. First, you can disable the ‘REMOVE PERMISSIONS IF APP IS NOT USED’ option. You can also check the ‘media access’ permission status:

Hey all! I had this same problem but found a fix. Go into your settings, and go to apps and notifications. Go to Clock and make sure it allows media permissions, then MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF REMOVE PERMISSIONS IF APP IS NOT USED…

…It’s the most annoying feature that probably blocked it. Go to Spotify as well and check that setting.

Alternatively, you can try the following:

I was having the same issue! The beeping alarm has been so annoying. Deleted all my alarms, logged out of Spotify and back in, then I setup a new alarm and it works now.

We will update this story as events unfold in the future.

Update 1 (February 20, 2023)

05:36 pm (IST): According to a user, snoozing the alarm on the first attempt will cause subsequent alarms to work normally (your Spotify music will play instead of the classic alarm tone).

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