MLB The Show 23 Tech Test bat crack sound dividing opinions among players

Developed by San Diego Studio, MLB: The Show is a popular baseball video game series. The developers recently launched MLB The Show 23 Tech Test for early adopters.

However, some players have mixed feelings about it due to some audio-related changes with the game.


MLB The Show 23 Tech Test bat crack sound

Some gamers are absolute fans of (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) the new bat crack sound in MLB The Show 23 Tech Test while others find it unpleasant or disruptive.

A player complains that the sound is completely terrible. They also said that the normal contact sounds and the baseball hit sounds are so much different.

Furthermore, they stated that hitting the ball sounds like the one when it goes over the fence.

Another gamer alleges that the bat crack sounds as if one is hitting a golf ball.


I know sound effects aren’t the main point of this tech test but i feel like for any type of swing, it sounds like a little dribbler. I would like to hear a difference in the sound for each type of swing as it makes the game a lot more satisfying to hear the perfect thwap.

Anyone else think the bat sounds are off? Occasionally it sounds like a golf ball being hit. Just does not sound good. Only other complain is why not visually change the bases, seems lazy.

This section of players feels that the developers should introduce amplified sound effects for harder-hit balls and for catches on fastballs as well. Doing so will make the game more interesting and satisfying to play.

As compared to this, the other section of gamers loves the new sound effects. They say that it sounds more authentic than a fake or fabricated one. Also, the new effects make them feel like they are playing a real game match.


Nah I love it, it sounds like I’m actually listening to real bats

I love the new bat sounds

We would love to hear your views on this, so feel free to express them in our comment section.

Featured and inline image source: MLB The Show

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