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YouTube has seen massive growth over the years which has led thousands of individuals to become full-time YouTubers.

Not only does YouTube let individuals earn money by sharing videos on the platform, but it also gives them the opportunity to do the things they love the most while sharing their experiences with the world.


The video-sharing platform has its ups and downs, however, YouTube does take user feedback seriously and has made a significant number of improvements.

Most bugs and issues that are reported get fixed within a few days or a couple of weeks depending on the impact they have.

We’ve previously reported on some issues such as AS-10 error in channel monetization, dark mode issue, and more.


Now, a new glitch or bug seems to have popped up which is preventing users from seeing the real-time view count in YouTube Analytics for their videos.

Many YouTube creators who noticed the problem took to Twitter to share their concerns since they were not able to see any new views on their videos.

The issue appears to have started on December 2 at around 1 pm PST according to YouTube. Here are some reports:


I just wanted to ask since i just noticed that in the analytics tab after 10pm forward there are no views appearing in the real time analytics while when checking the videos tab the number rises. Is this a problem on YouTube’s side or something else? (Source)

YouTube Studio on both iOS and Web (likely on Android, too) is not showing realtime view data for the past almost 2 hours. It appears to be down, but there’s no announcement about it. (Source)

Hey @TeamYouTube, my statistics are down , is that a known issue ? (Source)

As you can see, some YouTube creators were a bit jolted to see their stats sink so low.

Fortunately, TeamYouTube on Twitter began responding to user complaints by stating that this is a known issue and YouTube is working on a fix for it.


Not much later, YouTube also created a dedicated thread to keep all affected individuals informed about the status of the widespread issue that can be accessed here.

According to the latest update made to the thread, YouTube appears to have fixed the real-time view count issue in YouTube Analytics.


This means that all users should now be able to see their stats for all videos on their channel(s). However, YouTube is yet to restore the missing views from 1 pm PST to 3:45 pm PST on December 2.

So it’s likely that you will still see 0 views in YouTube Analytics for this time period.

But there’s nothing to worry about since YouTube has confirmed that your views are not deleted since this is only a ‘cosmetic error’ and the missing data will show up within the next few days.

That being said, we will continue tracking the situation and will post an update once the issue is fixed for everyone. In the meantime, check out our dedicated tracker to know the status of all bugs, issues, and pending improvements on YouTube.

Update 1 (December 22, 2020)

05:25 pm (IST): YouTube has fixed the real-time views issue entirely and you should now be able to see all the true view-count on all videos on your channel via YouTube Analytics.

The company has started informing affected users of the same via Twitter and has also updated the official page that it had created for users to track the situation.


Update 1 (February 15, 2023)

11:43 pm (IST): Some YouTube creators are reporting (1, 2, 3, 4) an issue where Analytics is not showing accurate realtime views. Furthermore, they are getting an error message.


Fortunately, YouTube support has acknowledged the problem and confirmed that they are working to resolve it.

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