iOS bug where 'deleted apps continue using location data' reported by some, but there's a potential explanation & fix

One reason iOS is such a popular OS is its privacy and safety features.

Apple claims to put considerable effort into protecting user data and ensuring a secure experience for them. However, there still have been some instances of iOS vulnerabilities, which is a matter of concern.

A similar concern is being raised by some users with regard to their location data.

iOS deleted apps continue using location data for some

Some iOS users have reported (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) an issue where their devices show that a deleted app is still using their location data.

Is this just a glitch? Had the app and uninstalled months ago. Just today showing me it’s using location. No toggle under privacy in settings.

Hi everyone!
it seems that is using my location, how is it possible if I don’t have such kind of app? and I don’t have permissions for other apps to. Is it the Apple service?

This can be a concerning and confusing issue for users, who may wonder why a deleted app is still accessing their location information.

There is no official explanation for this issue, but there is a potential reason for it.

potential reason ios bug
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Some users have suggested that it may be a bug in the iOS operating system causing the app’s location data to remain active even after it has been deleted from the device.

It is also worth noting that though the issue hasn’t been acknowledged, it is allegedly a known issue.

Uninstalled apps getting stuck in the ‘used recently’ list is a known issue. The apps are not installed, so can’t be using those privacy permissions.

Potential workaround

Fortunately, we have come across a simple solution to this problem.

potential workaround ios location issue

Rebooting the device can often resolve the issue and stop the deleted app from using location data. This solution has been reported to be effective by several users.

As with any bug, it is possible that a future update from Apple could address the issue, but until then, rebooting the device is the best solution.

Having said that, we hope that Apple considers the issue where iOS traces location data from deleted apps and provides a solution as soon as possible.

Until then, keep tabs as we will update the story with further developments as and when we come across them.

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