Spotify Blend: Here's how to make a blend playlist with friends and share or send it

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the most preferred music-streaming platforms in the world. It tries to keep up by presenting users with new releases, albums or songs, and more.

Naturally, Spotify takes regular feedback and works towards improving its platform. The team also working towards rolling out features like HiFi streaming, and in-app audio is testimony to this fact.

The mobile app might also bring on board one of the most requested features called ‘Community Tab’ to check friends’ status anytime soon.


What is Spotify Blend?

Likewise, Spotify is now expanding the Blend feature that was launched last year. It is essentially a shared playlist that can be made and distributed among friends and family (up to 10 people).

And the fact that the feature is now being expanded to improve users’ engagement with the platform is quite exciting for some (1,2,3,4,5).

@Spotify gets better and better…new ‘Blend’ feature is it

kudos to @Spotify for yet again giving me what I didn’t know I wanted. blend is rad!

Apparently, Blend will now let you blend in a group of up to 10 people almost anywhere (like a running club, or a reading club). The second update will allow you to blend with some of your favorite musicians.

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Although a number of users are having fun creating Blends, some are even suggesting other features. For instance, a chat option has been suggested by a user while another suggests blending a group of more than 10 people.

Here’s how you can make a blend playlist

Since this feature is a shared playlist that combines the music you and other people in the Blend listen to, you need to invite up to 10 friends in order to make it.

You need to now follow the steps listed below:

  • Enter ‘Blend’ into the search bar’s search icon, then press the top result.
  • Choose ‘Create a Blend’.
  • To invite friends, simply tap ‘Invite’.


Once your friends join in, find your Blend using the following steps:

  • In Made for You
  • In Your Library, under Playlists


Steps to ‘Add friends to a Blend’ & ‘Blend with artists’

Once you have created your Blend playlist successfully, you can now start adding friends to the same. You can even blend with your favorite artists by following these steps:

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You can even share your Blend story as well as leave an existing Blend as per your preference.

We hope that these steps help you successfully create a Blend playlist to share with your friends.

Do let us know what you feel about Spotify’s Blend feature in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, you can check out our dedicated Spotify section for more related bugs and information so be sure to follow them as well.

Featured image source: Spotify

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