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HBO Max is a popular streaming service offered by Warner Bros. and Discovery that provides a wide range of content, including original programs, movies, and TV shows.

It also features a vast collection of classic movies and TV series, making it a popular choice for movie and TV enthusiasts.


HBO Max removed shows and movies

As per reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8), HBO Max has been facing criticism from its subscribers due to the recent removal of several popular shows and movies such as Harry Potter, John Wick, and the like.

Is it just for maintenance that it’s not available? I was watching Person of Interest last night and I got an error with the identifier, but I figured I’d go to bed, and now when I look for the show, I can’t find it.

I know hbo max has had a trend of removing movies and sometimes thier original shows but they just added the john wick collection this month. Anybody know the purpose of them removing it so quickly?

Some subscribers have taken to social media platforms like Reddit to express their dissatisfaction with the short notice for removing shows and movies as well as the lack of transparency from the streaming service.

The alleged reason behind the removal of these titles can be the recent Warner Bros. and Discovery merger and subsequent restructuring.


Still, affected subscribers are frustrated with the lack of information provided by HBO Max regarding the removals.

They feel that they are not being given enough notice to finish watching their favorite shows and movies before they are taken down.

The short notice also makes it difficult for viewers to plan their watching schedule, as they do not know what will be available in the future.

This actually makes it hard to watch some TV shows if they are pulling them right when I’m in the middle of watching the series. I would’ve never expected FBoy Island to be pulled since it’s a HBOMax exclusive show.

What’s going on?

Some are particularly agitated about the removal of Harry Potter movies from the platform and are calling on HBO Max to bring back the series.

hbo max bring back harry potter

It is worth noting that an article by Coming Soon covered all the titles that are to be removed but didn’t have a mention of Harry Potter series. However, HBO Max support did confirm that they indeed have removed it.

Hi there Brennan, thanks for reaching out! While Harry Potter movies are no longer available on HBO Max, we’re always working to make sure HBO Max has the best possible content and know you’ll love the options available. ^BT

We hope that HBO Max takes the requests and reports into consideration and comes out with a solution that benefits the interest of the majority of users.

Till then, watch this space as we will update the story with further developments if we come across any.

Update 1 (February 3, 2023)

11:40 am (IST): According to a user, Warner Bros. signed a deal with HBO Max and Peacock that allows both streaming services to share the rights to the Harry Potter movie series.

Multiple users have claimed that the series will be back in a few months.

Before HBOmax started WB signed a huge deal with Universal to air the movies. As HBOmax was starting, they made a deal to essentially share the rights with them going back and forth between MAX and Peacock. They will be back eventually.

It’s not the first time It’s been taken off, it’ll be back in a few months

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