[Updated] Snapchat users react to 'Wait'll You See This' ad highlighting AR: Call it nightmare fuel, terrifying, unsettling & weird

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Original story (published on January 30, 2023) follows:

One of the main Snapchat features are AR filters. These can dramatically modify the appearance of the user (or the picture background) to offer eye-catching results without much effort.

The company wants to make it clear that AR filters are a key part of the experience, or that seems to be what a new ad focused especially on the different ways of seeing the world through AR lenses indicates.


However, it seems that the new Snapchat ‘Wait’ll You See This’ commercial was ‘overly creative’, crossing the line of uncomfortable, terrifying, and even being considered ‘nightmare fuel’ by some users.

Snapchat ‘Wait’ll You See This’ ad highlighting AR a ‘nightmare fuel’ for some

The ad in question premiered during the Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs game. A few minutes later, it was also uploaded to the official Snapchat account on YouTube.

For more context, here’s the full ‘Wait’ll You See This’ Snapchat ad:

After the ad publication, the reactions did not wait. Apparently, the effects used, the design of the characters and their expressions, among other things, were ‘too much’ for many.

Basically, multiple reports indicate that the public felt discomfort while watching the commercial.


So let me get this straight. By running everything through a distorted filter and manipulating reality into some funhouse freakshow nightmare, we are seeing everyone and ourselves more clearly? Sorry Snapchat, you are false and gross. You make me want to own a rotary phone.

Me, my brothers, and my husband were all absolutely freaked the fuck out by it, and just utterly baffled. We had to pause and rewind to make sure we definitely saw what we thought we saw.

Now I know what a bad LSD trip is like I guess.

There are even people who consider the Snapchat ‘Wait’ll You See This‘ ad highlighting AR as ‘pure nightmare fuel’. This is not surprising since some characters seem to come from horror movies.


That ad convinced me to NEVER get Snapchat. That was just pure nightmare fuel.

That @Snapchat commercial was heinous. Not sure you’ll get where you want by paying premium ad rates pushing grotesque nightmare fuel!😬 is rethink the #SuperBowlLVII buy😂

Interestingly, it seems that Snapchat got the wrong impression about the reaction of the users. In fact, they are even inviting everyone to see the ad again.


So, what do you think about the ad? Are you among those having nightmares? Or did you like it? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

Update 1 (January 31, 2023)

01:08 pm (IST): It turns out that the Snapchat commercial is offering hidden rewards for some true fans. And users will need to scan certain portions of the video to get special filters.

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