Android system sound equalizer hasn't received a single update in a while, but could things change with Android 14?

An equalizer in an Android system is a software tool that allows users to adjust the balance of different audio frequencies in the music or other audio being played on their device.

This can include adjusting the bass, mid-range, and treble frequencies to achieve the desired sound.

Android System Sound Equaliser

Equalizers can be built into the device’s operating system or be available as a separate app that can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Outdated Android system sound equalizer

Multiple reports can confirm that (1,2,3,4,5) that the Android operating system’s built-in sound equalizer has not seen an update in a while.

This has resulted in some users turning to third-party equalizers to address audio imbalance issues when listening to music on their devices.

Pixel Bud Pro Users – If unhappy with the sound try using a equalizer. I seen some others mention this in other posts. It is disappointing that Google did not provide a built in equalizer for the buds (at least not yet). However, you can use an equalizer to mold the sound to your tastes. I am using wavelet and the buds seem to react nicely with adjusting the sound.

I wanted to start a discussion to see if we could come up with some settings for fixing the speakers and balancing out the left/right channels.

This issue has been a common topic of discussion on various online forums, such as Reddit, with users sharing their experiences and solutions for improving the audio quality on their devices.

Recently, a request for an update to the equalizer has been created in the Google issue tracker and is gaining traction.

Android System Equalizer
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The request highlights the limitations of the current Android system equalizer and how it falls short compared to third-party players like Wavelet and Poweramp.

The issue has been escalated to engineers for evaluation, and there is hope that the Android 14 update may bring some changes to the system equalizer.

Thank you for reporting this issue. We have shared this with our product and engineering team and will update this issue with more information as it becomes available.

The recent update to the Pixel Buds Pro, which included a 5-band EQ, further adds weight to the hope that a similar update may be in the works for the default Android system equalizer.

The Pixel Buds Pro update has been well-received by users, and it is clear that there is a demand for more advanced and customizable audio settings on Android devices.

The Android system equalizer has been a long-standing issue for many users, and the lack of updates has forced people to rely on third-party equalizers to improve the audio quality on their devices.

We hope that Android 14 update brings some much-needed advanced and customizable sound settings to improve the overall audio experience on Android devices.

Inline and featured image source: Google Play Store

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