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Foldable screens, good quality cameras, and innovative designs are some words that make one think of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold phones which are quickly becoming favorites for a considerable number of people.

Where the market is loaded with the pros of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and 3, there sure are some instances where the phones could not live up to people’s expectations because of certain bugs and issues.

We have a tracker that highlights such bugs and issues faced by Samsung Galaxy Z Fold phone users.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Fold 3 inner screen protector peeling off

Some owners are reporting (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) that they have been facing an annoying problem where the inner screen protector that comes pre-applied with the device starts peeling off after a few months or even weeks of use.

what should I switch my fold 3 too
This is going to be a stupid question but wanting some opinions. I have a galaxy fold 3 and I really like the phone and how it works. I use the inner screen all the time and love the tablet size. The thing I hate is how the inner screen is always peeling off. I would say every 3 weeks I need to go into I breakit u fix it to get it replaced.

screen protector help
My built-in screen protector started peeling and I want to change it any suggestions for screen protectors?
Please link them

The problem is not unique to the Samsung Fold 4 and Fold 3, as similar issues have been reported with other foldable smartphones as well.

The peel generally starts in the middle of the screen, right where the crease is. Some users have reported that even after getting the protector replaced by Samsung, they have noticed similar problems with the new one.

Samsung z fold 3 and 4

On Reddit, there are a number of threads discussing this problem, with many users reporting that the screen protector on their Galaxy Fold 4 or Fold 3 has started peeling off in the middle, right where the crease is.

Z fold 3 Screen Protector Air Bubble
So my launch day Z Fold 3 is finally having this issue at the top of the crease. I’ve heard that this eventually ends up becoming larger until it breaks the screen. Is it just better to peel the whole thing off right now?

In extremely rare cases, some users have reported that their device came with two screen protectors applied directly from the factory. Peeling off the second layer fixed the issue.

Here are a few suggestions

We have come across a few suggestions on how to fix this problem.

1. Some users suggest taking off the inner protector entirely so as to experience a smooth screen.

Galaxy Fold Z 3 and 4
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2. Samsung may also provide a free screen protector replacement if your issue is valid, but some users have reported that this has not been the case for them.

It’s only an issue if it bubbles all the way down the hinge, partial bubbles are not. Keep it on if it’s fine. Samsung will do one free screen protector replacement if it does bubble or whatever reason you want to get it replaced

3. Taking help from third-party stores like uBreakiFix and Best Buy to repair the broken screen protector can also be a safer alternative to address the issue.


4. If you do not want to go to a store, applying it yourself (at your own risk) might help as well. But do make sure to get the installment kit along:

This, though make sure you get the one with the installation jig, idk how anyone would apply it without one. The first one I used didn’t last long, I guess I didn’t let it seal enough before using it or didn’t clean the screen well enough or something, but the second one I applied has lasted me close to a year with no issues

5. Additionally, you can also get Samsung Care+ for some peace of your mind.

We hope that Samsung takes note of the issue with the Galaxy Fold 4 and Fold 3 inner screen protector peeling off and provide an ardent solution as soon as possible.

Until then, please keep tabs as we will update the story with further developments.

Update 1 (January 23, 2023)

01:17 pm (IST): If you are looking to replace the screen protector by yourself, then here are some of the best options you can check out.

1. Whitestonedome

2. Spigen

3. Supershieldz

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