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Info last
updated on
Device name Beta Status Stable Status Notes
April 13 Nokia G10
April 13 Nokia G11
April 13 Nokia G20
April 13 Nokia G21
December 20 Nokia G50 Released For details check Update 4 in Text section
Info last
updated on
Device name Beta Status Stable Status Notes
December 14 Nokia X10 Released For details check Update 3 in Text section
April 13 Nokia X100
December 14 Nokia X20 Developer Preview Released For details check Update 3 in Text section
Jan. 18, 2023 Nokia XR20 Released For details check Update 5 in Text section
April 13 Nokia G11 Plus
Info last
updated on
Affected Channel
or Platform
Affected Device/s Bug/Issue description Current Status Workarounds
Info last
updated on
Description of new feature Status Supported devices
    Note: The time of the update is mentioned in IST and is in 24-hour format. Also note, the text updates will show up in descending order with the latest coming at top.

Update 5 [Jan. 18, 2023; 16:57]: Nokia XR20 update live in more regions.

Update 4 [Dec. 20; 12:02]: Update is live for Nokia G50 and XR20 devices.

Update 3 [Dec. 14; 13:32]: Update live for Nokia X10 in Egypt and Nokia X20 in Egypt & Uganda.

Update 2 [Dec. 2; 14:05]: Compatible devices confirmed by the company.

– Nokia XR20 5G
– Nokia G50 5G
– Nokia G11 Plus
– Nokia X20 5G
– Nokia X10 5G

Update 1 [May 12; 09:52]: Developer preview program out for Nokia X20.

Following are some instructions that’ll help you go through this tracker easily:

This tracker has separate sections for keeping tabs on the update rollouts, bugs, and issues plaguing Nokia Android 13, and the new feature released by Nokia. Following is a brief explanation for each section:

    1. The Nokia Android 13 Update release tabular section is dedicated to tracking the update rollouts or releases in different regions, and you can find the regional details in the Nokia Android 13 Update Rollout Text section at the end of the article.
    How to scan the Updates section based on your interest:

    • A new update (Beta or Stable) that has come upon the present day with respect to a device, can be checked in the table. All you have to do is spot your device in the table. In the device-specific row, Info last updated on conveys the date on which the section in question was updated with the latest.
    • If you wish to know the details about a specific update, like the version/build number, region, and changelog, etc, in that case, you’ll have to head to the Text Update section (which one in particular? Well, that’s mentioned in Table section for the concerned device, under the ‘Notes’).
    Note: The dummy entries with device names are based on the devices eligible for receiving this OS update, and may change based on the company’s official decisions.
    2. Next up, is the Nokia Android 13 Bug, Issue, and related developments tabular section, which is dedicated to tracking the problems (reported, officially acknowledged, or unacknowledged) in Nokia Android 13.
    How to scan the bug/issue section based on your interest:

    • This section dedicatedly tracks the glitches and concerns reported in Nokia Android 13, and the related developments on the matter under the Status column. In order to make things easier for those affected, in the same table, the potential workarounds are also being listed.
    3. The last tabulated section is the Nokia Android 13 Feature release section which lists the tweaks or new feature releases provided by the OEM in Nokia Android 13. The Status column, in this table, conveys whether the information is official or a leak, along with the ETA, and supported devices (if available).
    Note: In the tables, all the newest additions show up in yellow color. [For example, workaround number 4 has been added on the present date, so under the Workarounds section for the issue in question, the 4th one will be highlighted in yellow]

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Note: Our team is trying hard to keep this tracker updated with all the latest info. However, if & when you feel something is missing, wrong, or should be added, do not hesitate to tip us in comments or through email.

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