[Updated] Wait! Did Elon Musk really buy Google? Here's the truth you need to know

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Lately, much of what surrounds Elon Musk has been the subject of debate on the internet with thousands of comments, opinions, memes and more. This escalated when he became the new owner of Twitter.

Once Elon acquired a big social network, what could stop him from doing the same with another big name in the tech industry? That’s what crowds on the internet have been thinking about — a possible Google acquisition.


If you want to know how much Elon Musk’s purchase of Google really has, just keep reading.

Did Elon Musk really buy Google?

A rumor that Elon Musk bought Google, the Mountain View giant, has been spreading rapidly. This has made many users wonder if this is true.


@elonmusk did u buy Google I saw on your YouTube channel the Musk zone you bought it is this true

@Elon Musk bought Google. I’m waiting for him to buy Facebook and IG my opinion. But I respect your opinion too.

Some videos on YouTube gave the rumor more strength, treating it as if the operation is already official. This has helped to raise even more doubts and curiosity among the public.

That said, actually this is not true. To this day, Elon Musk has not bought Google and has not come close to doing so either.

He probably never even had the idea of acquiring the Mountain View company. However, even if the idea crosses his mind, it would be an almost impossible operation.

Currently, Google’s market cap is around USD 1.13 trillion. Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s current net worth is estimated to be around USD 140.1 billion. So, there is a very big difference that would make the transaction impossible.

Where did these false rumors come from?

So where did the rumors about Elon Musk buying Google come from? Apparently, everything is born from some YouTube channels of dubious reputation and credibility.

Some YouTube channels (like ‘Elon Musk Zone’, ‘Elon Musk Now’, among others) have taken it upon themselves since their inception to share doubtful rumors about the man, only to go viral and get a few views.

In the past, these same channels made some false claims. For instance, they had claimed that Mr Beast was the new CEO of Twitter, or that Elon Musk had even bought Facebook!


Most important of all, Elon Musk himself has not officially confirmed anything in this regard. Being a Twitter fan, we would surely see big news like this directly on his timeline.

So, we advise readers not to fall for this kind of false rumors. If the situation changes in the future, we will update this story with all the relevant details.

Update 1 (January 10, 2023)

11:00 am (IST): Elon Musk Zone, one of the biggest channels to cover and spread this rumor, is potentially moderating their comments section to only highlight the positive ones that support it even more.

Their video about the topic currently has over 513k views but only 51 comments. While this is completely possible, it is still highly suspicious.

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