COD: Warzone 2 arrived in November 2022 as the direct sequel to the hit battle-royale set in the Call of Duty franchise.

Sadly, it seems that currently multiple Warzone 2 players are dealing with an issue where they are being disconnected and shadowbanned from a match after getting 10 kills, and even Warzone 1 could be affected.


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen similar issues in recent COD games. Modern Warfare 2 players have reported a shadowban issue due to a broken reporting system too.

Warzone 2 players getting ‘disconnected & shadowbanned’ after 10 kills

According to multiple reports, the problem in question began a few hours ago. The first to give it visibility were some streamers and content creators who experienced the ban while playing.

Apparently, the bug appears randomly once a player gets 10 or more kills during the match. The Warzone 2 player will immediately be disconnected and shadowbanned.


⛔Just a Warning to anyone who Doesnt know. There is a Bug right now in Warzone 2 where if you get 10 kills you will be kicked from the Game and Shadow banned.⛔ #Warzone2 #CallofDuty

@CallofDuty your game is dying as it is, can you please stop shadow banning players for report spam by noobs? what is this new 10 kills shadow ban? #Shadowbanned #warzone #Warzone2 #MW2 #CallofDuty

For those who don’t know, a Warzone shadowban does not prevent you from continuing to play. However, you will only be able to access lobbies full of other shadowbanned players.

This means that you will be playing against not only accidentally shadowbanned players, but against cheaters as well. You will also have to wait longer to find available games.

Issue reportedly present in Warzone 1 as well

Following the increase in reports, some players returned to Warzone 1 to keep their accounts safe from being shadowbanned. Sadly, it seems that the problem (or a similar one) is present even in that game.

In the following video you can see how a player in Warzone 1 is disconnected and receives a shadow ban. This occurs right after getting some kills with a sniper rifle.

There is still no official acknowledgment of this issue from the Warzone 1 and 2 developers. For now, it would be best to stay out of the game to keep your account safe.

We will update this story as events unfold.

NOTE: You can also check the COD saga bugs/issues tracker.

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