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BitLife is an interesting ‘life simulation’ game available for mobile devices (Android and iOS) that has built a strong community since its release.

The game allows you to control the ‘path’ of a person’s life from the beginning to the end. The decisions you make will determine the course of the life of the character.

There are many possibilities to explore according to your decisions. For instance, you can even make your character a king.


To complete a recent BitLife challenge, the game requires you to make your characters king or royalty, have them exiled, and then succeed as a Scam Artist. If interested, here are some tips on how to complete the challenge.

How to complete the BitLife ‘Riches to Rags’ challenge

‘Riches to Rags’ is the challenge that is drawing the attention of many BitLife players these days.


To complete the challenge, you must meet the following requirements:

– Becoming a King (aka Royalty)
– Reigning for 15+ years
– Getting Exiled
– Becoming a scam artist after being exiled
– Earning $500K+ as a scam artist

How to become a King/Queen

First, to become a king, there are three main methods:

– Use God Mode to choose your royal status when creating a new character (requires real-world money)
– Randomly create characters until you are born as a prince or princess
– Be married into the royal family

It should be noted that you must choose a starting country where royalty still exists. For instance, if your character is born in the United States, you will not be able to make him or her king/queen.

The countries of origin where your character can be part of royalty more easily are the following:

– Belgium
– Denmark
– Japan
– Jordan
– Kuwait
– Malaysia
– Monaco
– Morocco
– Netherlands
– Norway
– Qatar
– Saudi Arabia
– Spain
– Sweden
– Thailand
– UK

‘Prince’ or ‘princess’ are the statuses that will allow your character to directly qualify for the throne. Other royal status like earl, duke, etc. will need to marry into the royal family.

How to get exiled as King (or Royalty) in BitLife

Once your character achieves ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ status and has ruled for 15 years, you must have them exiled. This part of the challenge is the one that is causing the most problems among players.


How are you guys getting exiled? i keep my respect at 0 and keep doing public disservices but nothings happening

I can’t get exiled no matter how much bad stuff I do 😩

It’s worth pointing out that there are some countries (like Japan and Saudi Arabia) where you will not be able to achieve the exile status. This is due to the fact that the monarchy holds all the power.

Among the countries where you can achieve exile are UK, Spain, Morocco, The Nordics, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Once you are king in one of these countries, here is how to get exiled in BitLife:

Source (click/tap to expand)

Execute 5+ people a year and make 5+ acts of disservice a year. In 20 years max, you should be exiled. It worked for me in denmark

Execute people, have children out of wedlock, do celebrity activities for money, etc.

If the previous tips were not enough, you can also try the following:


Don’t execute. Go to crime and kill mf’s.

Getting in debt does it to. I was kicked out and had to pay for the castle and had -$45,000,000

What you need to unlock the ‘Street Hustler career’ and complete the challenges

To top it off, the last two goals of the BitLife ‘Riches to Rags’ challenge require you to have the Street Hustler Job Pack. This allows you to unlock the Street Hustler career.

It should be noted that the Street Hustler Job Pack requires a micropayment of USD 3.99. So, completing the ‘Riches to Rags’ BitLife challenge will require at least that outlay from the player.

If this guide was useful to you, feel free to leave your comment or your own tips in the box below.

Update 1 (Jan. 02, 2023)

05:46 pm (IST): It seems that players must have patience and keep trying even if it takes longer than expected to exile their character, as some have had to wait until their character was over 60.

Guys i did it as a Denmark Prince. I did every bad move every year after i turned up 18. However i got exiled when i was 66. Just keep going its random i believe, dont forget to buy as much as properties before you get exiled, you will end up with lots of depths so its clever to sell those houses after you get exiled and clear the debt

Update 2 (Jan. 03, 2023)

11:04 am (IST): A Redditor has suggested that doing multiple public disservices and killings every year could impede the chances of getting exiled.

I’ve been king for over 20 years. Done multiple public disservices every year and have executed hundreds. Have zero respect but still have not been exiled! Any suggestions? Edit – I did one disservice and one execution each year for 4 years and it finally worked. I think doing too many in one year was the problem. Good luck. (Source)

Update 3 (Jan. 04, 2023)

09:46 am (IST): Some players are reporting (1, 2) that they are getting ‘banished’ after doing necessary things to get exiled and are confused if banished and exiled are the same thing.

While both of them have similar consequences where character loses all the money, property, and ends up in debt, getting banished does not count towards completing the challenge.

Update 4 (Jan. 05, 2023)

12:08 pm (IST): Bankrupting the country that you rule while spending public money on cars, houses, airplanes (and other similar personal whims) is another tip that could lead your character into exile.

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