PSA: Exposing iPhone camera to lasers at parties may lead to 'sensor damage' or 'pink dots' in photos

The iPhone smartphone line is quite popular and a craze among millions. Apple’s latest mobile devices have significantly improved their performance, camera, and sensor qualities over the previous generations.

For instance, the ultrawide camera on the iPhone 14 series gets a new sensor with improved focus, helping one shoot much sharper ultrawide photos.

The sensor and the Photonic Engine combined help improve image quality up to a large extent. It also allows for a closer focus, which is great for close-up shots


Thanks to such superb features, people love capturing moments on their iPhones, like the ones at a family get together or a party.

However, you must exercise extreme caution and avoid exposing the phone to laser lights, as it may damage the camera, sensor, or both.

Exposing iPhone camera to lasers may lead to ‘sensor damage’ or ‘pink dots’ in photos

The issue is not new, as some companies have already pointed out the damage a laser can cause to cameras in the past few years. For instance, Sony and LaserWorld had released an advisory regarding the same.

They recommended that users do not directly expose their camera lenses to laser beams. Also, if one were in an environment with a laser display, direct or indirect exposure is bound to damage the camera and CMOS sensor severely.

Even more concerning is that such damage may also occur when the camera is not in use, but the lens is exposed.


Now, an iPhone user recently took to Reddit and complained about a similar camera issue, pointing out that pink grains or dots appear in any of the recently clicked photos.

Phone is just a month old and i am having these pink grains while clicking photos, even in third party apps after updating to ios 16.2

Initially, they thought that the issue was related to a buggy iOS 16.2 update but felt disappointed on finding out that it was not so.

The pink spots had appeared because the camera sensors were damaged at a party they had recently attended, perhaps in line with the recent Christmas and New Year celebrations.

It got strongly confirmed when the user contacted their friends who had attended the same party and they all were facing the same issue on their mobile cameras.

Another user also faced such an issue, in this case the purple spots appeared on the clicked pics as well.

For the past few days, I’ve noticed purple spots in my photos, in the same location. The spots only appear in pictures I took

On the brighter side, those affected by the laser damage may be able to get it fixed from an authorized Apple service center in their locality if still under warranty. A Reddit user was able to get free replacement.


It’s worth pointing out that even though some companies offer a free replacement, others may charge for the repair or replacement if it’s proven that the camera issues are related to a laser damage.

Therefore, you’re advised to take the necessary precautions whenever around laser beams. We’ll keep an eye on this matter and update this story to reflect noteworthy developments.

Featured image source: Apple iPhone.

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