Destiny 2 Iron Banner mode (2023) faces major backlash

Destiny 2’s Iron Banner returns on January 3 with a new game mode called Fortress. Players must capture and hold zones while defeating their opponents, but there is a twist.

A Cabal twist! When Empress Caiatl and her armies are involved, the objectives alter, making it a more dynamic game mode.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner mode (2023) backlash

However, Destiny 2 players are dissatisfied with the Iron Banner (2023) game mode, with some even calling for the changes to be reversed (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).

Destiny 2 Iron Banner mode

Players are requesting that the challenge time barrier be removed because they have to wait until Friday to receive a full challenge boost for rank leveling.

This implies they only have four days every week to complete the event. Due to this gamers are hoping that developers would remove this time gate and/or grant an additional Iron Banner week.

The Fortress is a zone-control mode that players dislike since having more kills isn’t important because the winner is determined by the area controlled.

This encourages players to do nothing until their supers activate, further empowering Titans. Despite the fact that the whole PVP community has complained about how absurdly powerful they are.

It’s just weird. It’s zone control which isn’t the most exciting of game modes personally. It’d be cool if it was more like hardpoint so the cap point moves around and yah force people to move and fight yah know. The turrets and what not with the middle point is interesting for like the 1st few seconds than it’s just meh.

@BungieHelp @Bungie @Cozmo23 it’s really sad thousands of people screaming about connection issues and you guys remain silent. Iron banner is so bad people skipping every where it’s unplayable. Anything multiplayer is bad. #Destiny2


Another huge concern is the matching in Iron Banner mode, which Destiny 2 players believe is unfair (1,2,3,4).

Destiny 2 matchmaking

When paired up against vastly superior or high-ranked opponents, players feel powerless. On the other side, they are paired with teammates who are inferior to them.

In theory, Bungie should have no trouble pairing gamers against similarly skilled or even worse-skilled opponents. Instead, they are consistently outplayed by superior players.

This makes the game mode less engaging for both pros and newcomers because they are unable to test their genuine abilities.

What is up with IB matchmaking? Did we just get a string of bad luck? I played 13 matches tonight with friends (no solo queue) and lost 11, won 2.

You took a horribly lopsided game mode, in a game with horribly lopsided matchmaking, and added a mechanic that exacerbates your routine horribly lopsided matches? Do you get off on bullying people?

Some players have also reported lag or freezing issues in this game mode, making it even less enjoyable (1,2,3).

The challenges itself appear to be broken for some gamers, as they claim that they are not tracking properly or that a new one does not appear (1,2,3).

Iron banner “Gunnora’s Seal” not tracking. Collecting armor for Iron Banner seal and noticed my triumph isn’t tracking for getting the armor. Any fixes or ideas why it wouldn’t be tracking?

Bungie has not yet commented on the matter. We hope they listen to the criticism from the players and make the required improvements to the game mode.

We will keep an eye on this story and update it when new information becomes available.

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