Best Meta Quest 2 accessories from Syntech that your wallet will appreciate

Metaverse is the internet’s cool new catchphrase and it’s probably going to be an essential part of our future. Zuckerberg has already invested billions into making it a reality.

The new Meta Quest 2 is quite possibly the best VR headset that one can buy at the moment. The devices in the Quest lineup are well-priced (except for the Quest Pro) and have decent build quality and performance.

While they’re exceptional products for sure, the technology is still taking baby steps and some parts of the virtual reality experience may come off as clunky and unintuitive.


This is where VR accessories become an important factor to consider. Do not want a charging cable attached to your headset all the time? Maybe buying a battery pack could solve the problem.

Tired of the Touch Controllers constantly falling off your hands? A grips cover might just be the thing to make your experience a little more enjoyable.

It’s almost impossible to talk about virtual reality accessories for the Meta Quest 2 without mentioning Syntech and its extensive line of products.

Syntech’s Meta Quest 2 accessories

I use the Meta Quest 2 primarily for gaming purposes and spent some time testing Syntech’s Meta/Oculus Quest 2 accessories collection. This might be a little early to say it but I think I am already in love.

They’ve undoubtedly elevated by VR gaming experience and made it much less frustrating. Here’s the list of accessories in their Meta Quest 2 collection and what I like about them.

1. VR battery pack: A good battery life has always been a sworn enemy to the Meta Quest 2. But Syntech’s VR battery pack significantly improves the headsets’ battery life by adding 10,000 mAh of extra capacity.

The pack boosts Quest 2’s standalone battery life from around 2-3 hours to 8-10 hours. I think this should be enough for even the most hardcore gamers.


It’s super easy to set up, well-made, and counterbalances the headsets’ front-heavy design, further improving comfort.

2. VR head strap with battery pack: This is like the VR battery pack’s cooler and nicer big brother. It offers the same 10,000mAh battery capacity but also comes with a VR head strap to remarkably improve comfort and stability.

It has a removable cotton head strap with an easy-to-wear design that reduces the pressure on your head while using the Quest 2. I personally noticed myself gaming for longer sessions when I had it on.


Making things even better, the strap features a flexible 60-degree adjustable design that makes it considerably easier to put on and take off.

3. VR head strap: In case you’re just looking for the extra comfort of a head strap and are not interested in the extra battery capacity, the VR head strap is a pretty good option that is also affordable.


It comes with the same 60-degree adjustable design and makes the headset more comfortable and ergonomic. It also makes removing the headset a much faster and less exhausting process.

4. Link cable 10ft/16ft/20ft: Syntech’s link cable helps you connect your Quest 2 headset to a gaming PC and play Steam VR games and other Rift games/apps.

It comes in three different lengths; 10ft, 16ft, and 20ft so you can choose the most comfortable option. The cost-effective cable supports USB 3.0 and offers an excellent connection and fast data transfer speeds.

Meta Quest 2 accessories

Despite the low price, the cable is incredibly high-quality, made with durable materials, and immune to bends and cracks.

5. Touch Controller grips cover: If you’ve ever used a Quest 2 controller, you already know the pain of it slipping from your hand during a crucial moment in the game.

While Meta tried their best to make the controllers comfortable to hold, I don’t think enough effort was put into their grippyness (I created that word). Fortunately, Syntech’s Touch Controller grips cover offers an easy fix.

Meta Quest 2 accessories

The cover adds the necessary grip to the controllers without adding much extra weight to the handle. The addition of velcro straps prevents them from accidentally slipping and falling to the ground.

6. Large hard carrying case: Traveling somewhere and want to carry your Quest 2 along? Finding a case for the headset can be a painstaking task for those who haven’t read this article yet. For you, it’s simple.

Syntech’s hard carrying case offers plenty of room to fit a Quest 2 or Quest Pro, two Touch Controllers, or other third-party head straps, battery packs, and accessories.

Meta Quest 2 accessories

The case is made up of premium splash-resistant fabric that offers protection while also being visually appealing.

7. Link cable 16ft with LED light: This version of Syntech’s link cable comes with a bright LED that makes it easy to insert into your Quest 2. The light also acts as a charging and connection status indicator.


Apart from the LED stuff, the cable supports USB 3.0, fast data transmission speeds, and is built with high-quality materials that prevent wear and tear in the long run.

8. Hard carrying case: If you’re looking for a carrying case for the Quest 2 that is also affordable, you should definitely consider Syntech’s hard carrying case.

It’s compatible with the Quest 2 Headset with Elite Strap (battery version), two Touch Controllers, and can also carry accessories like the charging cable and power adapter.

Meta Quest 2 accessories

Made with premium and durable materials, you can easily rely on it to protect your VR gear while travelling.

9. Hard carrying case with 10ft/16ft/20ft link cable: This combo is for those interested in the link cable and the hard carrying case but also want to save some extra dollars.

You can go for any of the three variants of Syntech’s link cable along with the hard carrying case for an extra discount. The combo offers extra protection for your headset and also a cable that you can rely on.


These were some of the best Meta Quest 2 accessories that you can buy to drastically improve your VR experience. You can also check out Syntech’s wide range of other products by going here.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, made possible in association with Syntech. PiunikaWeb doesn’t take any responsibility of the product being advertised here.

About Syntech: The company focuses on high-quality accessories for your gadgets that do not hurt the wallet. Their products come with great designs that don’t compromise on convenience and offer premium build quality.


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