Rainbow Six Siege 'reputation system' broken or forcing players to turn off chat

Developed by Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Siege is a multiplayer tactical shooter video game that is available on major gaming platforms like Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation.

The game has often been commended by its players for the experience it provides, and it also gets updated from time to time for the players to witness enhanced gaming escapades.

Rainbow Six Siege
However, it is not uncommon for gaming platforms to encounter bugs and issues, especially with recent updates.

For instance, we recently highlighted issues related to ‘error code 8-0x00003700’ and players getting stuck on creating squad.

Rainbow Six Siege ‘reputation system’ broken

And now, the new Rainbow Six Siege reputation system implemented in December has come under fire from players who claim it’s broken and forces them to turn off in-game chat.

The system was designed to help dampen toxicity and hate speech in the game’s chat feature, but reports suggest (1,2,3,4,5) some players have gotten lower rankings.

Not only that, according to some reports, but they have also received warnings for sending innocent messages like ‘lol’ or ‘ok’.

Reputation System Does Not Work. I’ve been getting text chat warnings repeatedly for saying stuff like “ok” and “lol” in chat. I decided a few games ago after I got the “FINAL WARNING” prompt that I would stop using text chat in case I got the penalty.

The new reputation system will simply force me to turn communications off. I’ve done nothing but be nice and I dropped 2 rep levels down and now received this after someone was toxic to Me in the last match. Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong?

Some players have even resorted to disabling chat altogether in order to avoid the consequences of the new feature.

 Rainbow Rain Siege

Another issue with the reputation system is that it does not distinguish between intentional toxic behavior and accidental communications.

As a result, players may be punished for simply misunderstanding a situation or making an honest mistake.

Some have called on Ubisoft to take a cue from Dota 2, a popular online multiplayer game that has a system where players can rate each other after a match.

A simple solution is to give the players a “Commend” button, like how you can commend players in Dota 2 after a match, which in turn gives their reputation a better score.

The system seems to provide more context for why a player is being rated and can judge the behavior of a player with comparatively more accuracy.

It appears that the Rainbow Six Siege reputation system is currently causing more problems than solving them.

Until Ubisoft addresses the issues and provides more context about why certain actions are deemed disruptive, it is likely that the reputation system will continue to be a source of frustration for players.

Having said that, we hope that Ubisoft readily provides an ardent solution to them so that they can relive the experience.

Keep tabs on this story as we will update it with further developments.

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