YouTube TV is a popular subscription based streaming service that is also known for content that is high in quality and resolution.

4K videos, also known as Ultra High-Definition videos, are widely available on YouTube TV and provide a great level of detail and clarity, making them ideal for large displays or watching content up close.

However, it appears that the quality of pictures and videos is going haywire for some recently.

NBC 4K oversaturation issues on YouTube TV

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5), there have been ongoing issues with oversaturated colors while watching 4K content on YouTube TV, particularly from the National Broadcasting Company.

Can at least we hear from YouTube TV if this oversaturation crap is a result of the feed they are getting or something on their end? Paying $19.95/mo deserves at least that: an explanation.

Why does technoogy marching forward so often result in things being worse than they were a few years ago? We should be watching the NFL in 4k by now. Instead we’re not even seeing good HD. This looks like it’s barely 720k (it should be 1080) and it looks like it is not even 30 fps. Why am I paying for this? Cable was better 10 years ago.

Users have taken to forums and social media platforms to discuss the issue and share their experiences while seeking a solution.

It is worth noting that the issue has been doing rounds for months but has been particularly noticeable during the English Premier League matches that resumed after the conclusion of the World Cup in Qatar.

However, the oversaturation issue is not limited to a specific brand or model of the TV, as users with various models have reported the same problem. This suggests that the trouble may be on YouTube’s or NBC’s end.


Some have also compared a 1080p60 game on USA Network to a 4K game on NBC Sports and found that the latter had significantly more oversaturation.

Official acknowledgment

YouTube TV had acknowledged the issue and claimed to have fixed it a month ago, but it appears that the fix was not effective enough.

Update! You shouldn’t see any problems with the saturation on NBC Sports 4k going forward. Definitely reach out if you see any issues though!

However, the issue with oversaturation of 4K content on YouTube TV, especially while streaming NBC, has again been acknowledged by YouTube support on Reddit.

YouTube 4k

The 4K oversaturation issue on YouTube TV is a major disappointment for users, particularly during live matches, which are a major draw for some YouTube TV subscribers.

We hope that the developers resolve the issue of 4K oversaturation and restore high-quality content for users. Until then, keep tabs on this story as we will update it with further developments.

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