[Updated] Valorant Flashback 2022 (aka Wrapped): How can you still get it & email issue you should be aware of

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Original story (published on December 29, 2022) follows:

‘Wrapped’, ‘Recap’ or equivalent have been a trend this year. Multiple services, apps, and platforms have already offered their users an annual summary of their activity and notable moments.

Services like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music and Reddit have their own ‘Recap’ (albeit with different names). Even games like Valorant are offering something similar.


Valorant Flashback 2022 is the equivalent of ‘Wrapped’ or ‘Recap’ in the game. Many players have already received it, but you still can get it.

How can you still get the Valorant Flashback 2022 (aka Wrapped)

On December 26, Valorant devs published a tweet making a last call to those interested in obtaining their Flashback 2022. Unlike other services where it arrives automatically, here you must make sure to activate an option.


By activating the option, players will begin to receive the Wrapped via email. However, this process is now officially over, as players had to opt in to get Valorant marketing emails before December 26.

Alright. #VALflashback emails have gone out. QRT this with your stats from this year. We won’t judge…


If you were left out of the process but are interested in getting your Valorant Wrapped 2022, you could still have a chance. In response to a player, the Valorant team said that it is not too late to opt in:

It’s not too late to opt in!

Head to https://account.riotgames.com > Communication Preferences > Then check the “Communications from Riot Games” box.

So basically interested players should try to fulfill the requirement as soon as possible and wait. Once you receive your Wrapped, you can save it and share it on your favorite social networks.

The email issue you should be aware of

Unfortunately, some players who met the requirement are still waiting for the email. So, it seems that receiving it is a matter of luck.


@PlayVALORANT I still have not gotten the yearly stats email

@PlayVALORANT why didn’t you guys email me my recap :(( it’s okay :((

There are even cases where players got an email with the stats of a wrong account.

@PlayVALORANT my Valorant flashback gave me the wrong account /: I just double checked to make sure my email is on the correct account and it is, but I got the flashback for a different account

There is still no official word on the email issues from the Valorant team. We will update this story as events unfold.

Update 1 (December 30, 2022)

11:11 am (IST): The Valorant 2022 Flashback showcases different kinds of stats including Core stats, Agent-specific stats, Frag stats, and Flex stats. You can check them out below.

  1. Core stats – Damage dealt, KDA (Kills/Deaths/Assists) & matches won
  2. Agent-specific stats – Most-played Agent, highest KDA, most wins, most-played role, Agent who killed you the most
  3. Frag stats – Kills with guns, kills with abilities & kills with melee
  4. Flex stats – Aces, first bloods, first blood victim, clutches

Also, it has a section that shows how you performed as compared to your friend. It includes stats such as win rate, damage, KDA, and headshot accuracy.

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