Ledger Wallet crypto apps uninstalled or wiped after update for some, issue acknowledged

Ledger provides one of the most secure crypto hardware and software services on the market. Ledger Live offers users everything regarding crypto in one place and showcases their collection.

It recently received a new update v2.51.0, which provides more predictable rates and shorter confirmation times for Ethereum-based transactions.

They have also fixed the ‘FAILED – OUT OF ENERGY’ issue, and users will now receive a warning message instead if their account does not have enough energy to cover the transaction.

Ledger Wallet crypto apps uninstalled or wiped

However, customers of Ledger Wallet have reported that when they try to update any of their crypto apps, they get uninstalled or are wiped from the system.

Ledger Wallet crypto apps uninstalled

The affected users say that updating apps on the Nano X via Ledger Live can unintentionally trigger a situation where other apps get uninstalled.

Once in this state, installing apps on the Nano X is difficult and frequently necessitates the uninstallation of existing apps. This is true even if the device looks to have plenty of space remaining.

Was prompted to update the BTC related apps on my Nano X today and during the updates the device shut off on its own. Upon turning back on all apps were wiped. I am trying to re install my apps but at around 800kb being left on the device the device will just freeze and restart.

I’m assuming it’s due to the new BTC v2.1.0 update. While in the process the Ledger did a soft restart and failed the update and wiped the apps stored in the process.Never had issues before, now the device won’t reinstall the apps I previously had yet is reconnecting via Bluetooth.

Furthermore, when users try to reinstall the crypto apps, they receive a ‘your device is locked’ error message, which prevents them from doing so to some extent:

update few apps by clicking “Update All” in ledger manager last night. All apps got deleted from Nano X and since then I have been able to install apps within 400k, but installing more apps simply says “your device is locked”, Nano X just freeze and power off

A community moderator speculates that the recent Ledger Live v2.51.0 update may be to blame.

Issue acknowledged

Fortunately, the Ledger support team has acknowledged the issue and advised users to delay updating Ledger Live until a fix is released:

Ledger Support

For the time being, users are encouraged to only install apps for the currencies that they require in order to prevent the ‘your device is locked’ message

If they continue to receive it, remove other apps and reinstall them as needed:

Yes this is definitely not going to be a permanent new thing. Based on what I’m hearing it sounds like in the meantime:
1. If you’re not in this state, don’t trigger the nano app update from Ledger Live until we get a handle on this.
2. If you are in this state, you can limp along uninstalling and reinstalling apps as needed until we find a fix.

That said, we will keep an eye out for the latest developments regarding this issue and update this story as and when anything noteworthy comes up.

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