[Updated] Destiny 2 companion app down or API not working issue under investigation; fix to arrive next week, says Bungie

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Original story (published on Dec. 29, 2022) follows:

Destiny 2, the hit game from the original creators of the Halo saga, also has a companion app. The app is necessary to perform certain actions or access some options.

This means that if the app is not working properly, this will impact the overall game experience. Sadly, this is just what is happening right now.

Destiny 2

According to multiple reports, currently the Destiny 2 companion app is down or not working, but the issue is related to the game’s API.

Destiny 2 companion app down or not working as the API was disabled

Social platforms like Twitter are full of complaints about the situation. The issue is causing frustration in several Destiny 2 players who are unable to access the complete game experience.


Almost a whole week of a holiday event the app will be down , right after it’s already been down for like a week when season launched. Sooooo glad I didn’t preorder lightfall , the lack of quality control and inability to maintain things in a timely fashion has become unbearable

@DestinyTheGame what’s going on with the companion app do we have to wait a whole week like the last time ?? SMH

That said, everything has an explanation, and it is related to the game API. For those who don’t know, an API is a series of protocols that allow one core service to be integrated with others.

Destiny 2 disabled API is causing the issue

In this case the main service is Destiny 2, while others work through the API, such as the companion app. Other external products that can interact with the game also depend on the API.

The Destiny 2 companion app down is due to the API being disabled by the Bungie team. Apparently, it was a necessary action to investigate multiple error codes that were affecting the overall experience.

As the team continues to investigate issues causing numerous error codes, the Destiny API will remain offline. We are currently targeting a fix for early next week, but will provide additional updates when possible.

So, the fix for the problem may arrive next week, but there is no specific day for it yet.

According to a Bungie staff member, the root of the problem is in the new implementation of exotics. This was causing deep issues in the API that were resulting in the error codes (read the full thread here).

We will update this story as events unfold in the future.

Update 1 (December 30, 2022)

09:49 am (IST): Bungie support has confirmed the rewards that were set to expire on December 31 will get further extended and players can claim them once the API functionality is restored.

Bungie Rewards that were set to expire on 12/31 will have their claim-by dates extended. Players will be able to claim these rewards once API functionality has been restored. (Source)

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