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The Google Nest IoT product series also includes a Thermostat. Like other Nest devices, it is part of a home automation or Smart Home system that facilitates and automates various tasks.

However, various reports indicate that users of the device are facing issues related to the temperature control system in their homes.

Apparently, for some users, the Google Nest Thermostat is randomly changing the temperature. And, the issue could be caused by the type of cable used.

Random temperature changes on the Nest Thermostat for some

According to multiple reports, the Nest Thermostat is not maintaining the desired temperature control by all its users in their homes. This is something very frustrating for those who suffer from it.

At some point in the day, the Google Nest Thermostat randomly changes the set temperature values. So, it is not to the liking of the affected users.

My thermostat keeps changing the temperature on its own. Like the other night it was 20 degrees outside. And when I went to sleep I set the thermostat to 74 degrees on heat. Then got woken up in the middle of the night freezing when I went look at the thermostat it had changed from 74 degrees heat to 64 degrees cool. Can anyone tell me why.

My Nest thermostat keeps switching on at night to 22 degrees. It seems to do this when the outside temp is around zero. But if it was doing this to prevent pipes freezing I’d expect it to be on intermittently to keep things just above freezing not a solid 22 degrees all night!

It should be noted that the issue is not only affecting scheduled temperatures. Some reports indicate that, even if a manual temperature setting is established, it could still randomly change.


The problem could be caused by the wiring type

Apparently, the problem is related to the type of cable used. One user points out that, after contacting Google support, the response was that all wiring should be solid copper (not stranded wire).

Google support said that the Nest requires all wiring to be solid copper, not stranded wire. My main wire from the furnace to my thermostat is stranded wire. So instead of paying $250 to have a new wire run, I am opting to replace my Nest with a different thermostat.

So, users affected by the problem can only replace the wiring of their Thermostat (if they use stranded wire), or replace the Thermostat at home.

Finally, if new events arise related to this matter, we will update this article.

Update 1 (Dec. 28, 2022)

02:42 pm (IST): A number of reports (1,2,3,4,5) suggest that Google Nest Thermostat is randomly changing temperature for some users again. However, the issue has not been acknowledged yet.

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