Snap Camera shutdown in January 2023: What you need to know & if there are any alternatives

Snap Camera is a desktop version of Snapchat that lets you utilize its already-existing library of lenses and apply them to video chat and live streaming platforms.

It uses the webcam on your computer and essentially allows you to make use of exciting filters as well.

Snap Camera shutdown in January 2023

But as of January 25, 2023, the Snap Camera app will no longer be usable or downloadable, according to a recent Snapchat announcement.

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This decision has seemingly caught some users off guard and prompted them to turn to social media sites to voice their worries about the same (1,2,3,4).

@snapchatsupport With snap camera leaving, will there be something for streamers to still use your product easily?


Users are now extremely disappointed because this application worked flawlessly for them.

The news is even awful for some transgender people who made calls on various platforms, especially using the ‘Remove Beard Lens’.

This is devastating to MTF & NB transgender people…

The fact that users are finding it hard to accept this decision could probably be because of the one-minute time restriction (1,2) for the Snapchat filter on the web version.

Moreover, significant problems with the filter quality and the absence of options like a webcam source for the desktop app are also quite off-putting for some.


Are there any alternatives?

Even though people have actively been asking for alternatives, it seems unlikely that they will get one.

edit –
ok, i didn’t see that:-
a) the app requires a connection to their website to display filters; and
b) they’ve already cut off the connection.
In which case, let me share your grievances.

Apparently, the Snapchat connection is necessary for the filters. But it appears that the platform doesn’t seem to want such capabilities to be available.

Snap Camera developers are not very active on social media sites and have not provided any comments.

We’ll keep tabs on the latest developments and update this article as and when something noteworthy comes up.

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