Backbone controller not working with PlayStation Remote Play on Android? Here's an alternative

Backbone is a company specializing in consumer electronics and computer software products, with its main focus on gaming.

The company also owns the Backbone app, which acts as a social media hub, allowing one to edit and share recorded gameplay through various social media platforms.

It offers an attachable game controller called ‘Backbone One’ for Android and iOS-based mobile devices.

However, like any other controller, Backbone One is also not immune to various bugs and issues. If you are having difficulties connecting the controller with the Remote Play app on Android, then you are not alone.

Backbone controller not working with PlayStation Remote Play on Android

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple players are currently experiencing problems connecting the controller with an Android based mobile device.

Both PS4 and PS5 have inbuilt support for the Remote Play functionality which allows one to stream or play their favorite titles on any of their desk-based or handheld devices.

For instance, one can enjoy their game in another room or on their smartphone.

Although it must be noted that one needs to have a high-speed internet connection installed on their premises to be able to experience the gameplay without any lag or stuttering.


One can also connect an external controller to their smartphone with the help of the Remote Play app and enjoy a smoother experience while playing their favorite PlayStation titles.

But the problem is that Backbone One owners are not able to register or connect the controller with the PlayStation app on an Android device.


Just got it. As expected, the official Remote Play doesn’t work with the Backbone. It is working flawlessly with PSPlay, but @backbone, for some reason, removed the ability to add your own games to the Backbone launcher on Android, like you can with the iOS.

@backbone just got my android backbone and it’s awesome can you please add remote play support @Sony

Reportedly, the issue is non-existent when connecting the controller with the Remote Play app on iOS devices.

Even after multiple attempts, gamers could not connect the app and the controller. Some players felt disappointed after finding out about the issue once they had made the purchase.

The issue is said to have occurred because PlayStation’s Remote Play app for Android does not support third-party controllers. This prevents Backbone One owners from connecting their controllers and smartphones.

Those affected are now asking Remote Play app developers to add support for third-party controllers on the Android version as well.

Potential workaround

Fortunately, we did come across a potential workaround that can help solve the problem for some.

It is suggested that one can make use of an alternative third-party app called ‘PS Play’, which according to reports, works better than the official one and also has support for third-party controllers.

The app is available for purchase on the Google Play Store.

That said, we’ll keep an eye on the issue where Backbone One controller is not working with the Remote Play app on Android and update this article accordingly.

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Featured image source: Backbone.

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