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Currently, many gamers are enjoying the COD: Modern Warfare 2 beta on multiple platforms and consoles.

COD: Modern Warfare 2 (also known simply as ‘Modern Warfare 2’ or ‘MW2’) seeks to refine everything that made the original Modern Warfare 2 so successful, combining it with some more modern gameplay elements.


However, the beta rollout of the game is not problem-free. For example, some Xbox players are not receiving codes necessary to access the beta.

Now, many other COD: Modern Warfare 2 players are getting stuck on the ‘Checking for update’ screen as well as facing crashing issues on Xbox consoles.

COD: Modern Warfare 2 stuck on ‘Checking for update’

According to multiple reports, many Modern Warfare 2 players are unable to start the game as it gets stuck on a ‘Checking for update’ pop-up.

‘Checking for update’ is one of the initial screens when starting the game. This is where it checks for new content or changes made on the server-side.


Stuck on start up status screen for “Checking for update…”. Have restarted steam, verified files, uninstalled + reinstalled. Nothing. Takes me 9 minutes to download the full game but I can be stuck on this screen for 10+ minutes alone.

Everytime I load in Modern Warfare 2 I am stuck at a screen that says checking for update. I’ve tried to restart the game and even restarted my PC. Anyone else having this issue .

That said, there is a potential workaround for PC gamers that reportedly helps get past the ‘Checking for update’ screen.


Modern Warfare 2 crashing on Xbox while login into Demonware

Another serious problem that many Modern Warfare 2 players are experiencing is the constant crashing on Xbox that prevents access to the game.

The crash occurs during the initial login screen, where players attempt to connect to the Demonware platform.

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Is anyone else experiencing the “Logging into Demonware” crash? I been trying for an hr now on Xbox Series S and I cannot for the live of me get into the servers. I tried hard resetting my console and I tried the workaround someone in this reddit suggested and that doesn’t work either.

@CallofDuty @InfinityWard please fix the Xbox crashing while connecting to demonware. It’s been crashing since 1pm EST when the beta went live. It’s now 10pm

This also seems to be a server level issue as even a complete reinstallation of the game doesn’t help to resolve it.


Fortunately, the Infinity Ward team is already aware of the MW2 crashing issue on Xbox consoles and working on a fix. However, there is no ETA for it yet.

We’re aware of an issue with crashes on Xbox platforms, and are working on a fix. Please stay tuned.

We will update this story once new related developments emerge in the future.

Update 1 (Sept. 23, 2022)

04:52 pm (IST): Here’s a potential workaround that does not require uninstalling the game.

For that, players must first ensure that the game is fully closed (kill the process with task manager if necessary). Then go to Steam library, find the game in the games list, and do the following:

Right click on Modern Warfare 2 beta in the list -> Click on ‘manage’ -> click on ‘browse local files’ -> open ‘main’ folder and delete the following files:

– toc0.dcache

– toc1.dcache

– data0.dcache

– data1.dcache

Now, go back to the Steam client, access the Modern Warfare 2 beta section, click on ‘Stop’, and relaunch the game. The game might crash when relaunching for the first time, but relaunching it once more should work.

You can check this whole process in the video linked below for better understanding:

Update 2 (Sept. 26, 2022)

11:52 am (IST): Infinity Ward support has confirmed that they have released a fix for the crashing issues on COD: Modern Warfare 2.

We’ll be rolling out a fix for this beginning later this evening. PC crashes have also been addressed by an update that just went out. Visit @BeenoxCODPC for more details on PC issues. (Source)

Update 3 (Sept. 27, 2022)

12:40 pm (IST): Infinity Ward has announced that the COD: Modern Warfare 2 beta has ended. That means players will only be able to play the game until the end of October, which is when it’s expected to launch.

THANK YOU to everyone who played the #ModernWarfareII Beta! We had so much fun watching you all play MW2. Remember to submit your best clips using #CODTopPlays 🫡 Stay tuned for updates ahead of launch. (Source)

Update 4 (Dec. 15, 2022)

01:11 pm (IST): After the arrival of the Modern Warfare 2 Season 01 Reloaded update, multiple players have been reporting a random crashing issue that prevents them from enjoying the game (1, 2, 3, 4).

Update 5 (Dec. 19, 2022)

06:45 pm (IST): Infinity Ward has confirmed that they have deployed a fix in Modern Warfare 2 for the crashing issue across all platforms.

We deployed a fix overnight that has drastically decreased the number of crashes across all platforms. For PC-specific updates, be sure to follow our partners @BeenoxCODPC. (Source)

Update 6 (Dec. 20, 2022)

07:04 pm (IST): Although Infinity Ward has confirmed that they have resolved the crashing issue, fresh reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) are still pouring in suggesting that the bug persists.

Update 7 (Dec. 22, 2022)

05:27 pm (IST): Some players are still reporting (1, 2, 3) the issue where they are getting stuck on ‘Checking for updates’ screen.

Update 8 (Dec. 26, 2022)

06:04 pm (IST): One of the affected players claimed that they were able to fix the ‘Checking for updates’ pop-up by using a VPN.


Update 9 (Dec. 27, 2022)

05:15 pm (IST): We have come across a workaround that can help fix the issue on PS4. It involves restarting the console and changing profile.


NOTE: You can also check the COD saga bugs and issues tracker.

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