BeReal Recap 2022: Ex-relationship highlights hinder users from sharing; no background music or stats gets criticized

BeReal is a photo-based social platform born in 2020. However, its popularity only exploded a few months ago after becoming known on TikTok.

At this time of the year, multiple services and apps are sending ‘Recaps’ (summary of the year) to their users. BeReal is one of the apps that offers a Recap, although it is not working correctly for some.


That said, BeReal users are not loving the Recap 2022 result due to the multiple ex-relationship highlights included, and the lack of background music or stats in the slideshow.

BeReal Recap 2022 full of ex-relationship highlights

Several BeReal users are complaining that the Recap 2022 algorithm is focusing too much on including couple photos. This gives the curious result that many ex-partners’ photos appear in the personal summary.


bereal recap is literally just me and my ex, me at work, me and my ex, me at work, me and my ex, me doing improv in a basement, me and my ex

omg plz i want to post my bereal recap but its slow in thr beginning and shows my ex too much 💀

Due to the situation, there are users who think that the BeReal Recap 2022 is not for people who have ended relationships with their partners this year (and who constantly upload photos with their partners).

BeReal Wrapped was NOT built for people whose relationship recently ended. you guys have fun making your little tik toks… i’ll watch from afar 👋🥲

BeReal Recap 2022 lack of background music and stats being criticized

There are also multiple users disappointed with the BeReal Recap 2022 final result due to how simple it is.

According to multiple reports, BeReal’s Recap 2022 is nothing more than a slideshow of some of the pictures that users have uploaded throughout the year.

It lacks any kind of background music or fun stats that other services and apps do offer.


Bereal recap sucked. Thumbs up for devs to even make one 🙂

For me atleast, there werent any music? Was there supposed to be? It was basically mute slideshow of selfies i took this year.

Things that i hoped to see: -stats like spotify does -your most popular bereal(one with the most comments/reactions) -How many bereals you made in time -how many bereals you took -amount you spend on the app -how many friends you added

BeReal recap hyped us up for nothing. Just a fast forward video of all my BeReals. No music, no cool and funny stats, nothing, kinda failed.

Due to the lack of more ‘features’ and interesting elements in BeReal Recap 2022, some users consider it lame.


okay but the BeReal recap was so lame 😭

Bruh I was expecting to much for the bereal recap, it was so lame

There is no official word from the BeReal team about users’ feedback. We will update this story once relevant new developments arise.

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