World of Warcraft (also known as ‘WoW’) recently received the ‘Dragonflight’ expansion. This is the ninth expansion for the iconic Blizzard MMO.

Since its release, WoW: Dragonflight players have been reporting some issues. For instance, there are some server and login issues, while others have been waiting days for the ‘Feldrake Mount’ of the Twitch drop event.

Recently, Blizzard confirmed that the ‘Darkmoon Faire’ celebration event is back. This brings multiple activities and challenges that will allow you to get some valuable rewards and buffs.


If you want to be part of WoW: Dragonflight Darkmoon, keep reading and find out how you can do it.

WoW: Dragonflight Darkmoon Faire reputation buff and additional skill and knowledge points

It’s worth pointing out that the World of Warcraft (WoW) Dragonflight ‘Darkmoon Faire’ will be available monthly for a limited time. More specifically, you will be able to access during one week from the first Sunday of every month.

Some of the rewards you can get are the following:

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More specifically, the reputation buff is 10%, according to some players:

I noticed that Darkmoon Faire’s buff gives Reputation +10%.

Meanwhile, you can get 2 skill points and 3 knowledge points during the WoW: Dragonflight Darkmoon Faire by completing profession quests.

How to get to the Darkmoon Faire

You can access the Darkmoon Faire by heading to Darkmoon Island through the portals you can use in Elwynn Forest (Alliance) and Mulgore (Horde).

If you want to get the portals quickly, then pay a Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage (either in Stormwind, Orgrimmar or in Dalaran) who can transport you to the place.


Fortunately, there are no level limitations to access the event. However, you will only be able to enter during the active period of the Darkmoon Faire (remember: one week from the first Sunday of each month).

There are multiple activities to complete in Darkmoon Faire where you can earn many rewards. You will be able to enjoy the activities using Darkmoon Game Tokens and Prize Tickets that you can buy with your in-game money.


To get the 10% reputation buff, you just need to complete quests and activities in the Darkmoon event. This can be done daily during the week that the Darkmoon Faire is active.

Then, if you want to get the 2 skill points and 3 knowledge points mentioned earlier, you just have to complete the Darkmoon profession quests:

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Feel free to leave your comment in the box below if you were able to take full advantage of the daily WoW: Dragonflight Darkmoon Faire rep buff and additional skill and knowledge points.

Featured Image: Blizzard

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