[Updated] Discord 'gg sans' font announcement got many fans asking for proper reveal or preview before launch

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Original story (published on November 30, 2022) follows:

Discord has announced that a new typeface called ‘gg sans’ will be accessible to its users beginning December 1, 2022.

Everything from the Discord mobile and desktop applications to their website and blog will utilize the new font ‘gg sans’.

This nickname was chosen to pay homage to the gaming community and Discord’s origins. The acronym ‘gg’ stands for ‘good game’ and is commonly used on the platform.


Discord has in the recent past made some changes to the app’s UI and it was met with backlash as a result.

Perhaps if users had been able to preview any of these changes before they were introduced, Discord would have been aware of the negative feedback sooner and prevented the backlash.

Discord ‘gg sans’ font

However, it seems they haven’t learnt from the past as the preview of this font is not available. So, users do not know what it looks like (1,2,3,4,5,6).

Discord gg sans font

Some Twitter users are wondering if Discord can offer them a preview of how the new font appears since they are eager to see it.

They are really excited about this update because it will most likely replace the existing ‘Whitney’ typeface, which many Discord users were not fond of.

Availing the new font in the preview could go a long way towards collecting enough user feedback and maybe even prevent yet another backlash just in case people don’t like it.

hey @discord you wanna like.. show us what this new “gg sans” font looks like before you roll it out? real odd to announce “hey we’re gonna change the font soon” and even have a Learn More page about it which …doesn’t show you the font

@discord why aren’t you showing off gg sans? You can’t just tease an entire community saying you’re doing something and not showing what something is. Don’t be shy!

Here’s how Discord’s new font is expected to appear! The same text, but with Whitney as a reference font next to ‘gg sans’.

Whitney is completely white, whereas the new font gg sans is gray:

Discord gg sans font
Source (Click/tap to view)

While Discord’s announcement received positive response, some users believe that they are being pushed into another font that they cannot change (1,2,3).

Others argue that having both a default font and the option to change fonts would be ideal. Support for any font on a user’s device would be preferable.

We hope the developers listen to their community and give them more clarity and flexibility when it comes to fonts. That said, we will update this story when something new comes up.

Update 1 (December 1, 2022)

10:27 am (IST): It seems that the new fonts have reportedly (1, 2) begun rolling out for some users.

Update 2 (December 2, 2022)

09:52 am (IST): A Redditor has shared a comparison between the old font and the new ‘gg sans’ font. You can check it out below.


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