The Google Pixel 5a 5G was launched on 17th August 2021 and will only be sold in the US and Japan. But even in the US, it’s not being sold through the major carriers, making it a highly exclusive device.

The device may have been called ‘boring’ by many, especially since it’s barely an upgrade over its predecessor – all you get is a slightly bigger screen, an IP rating, and a larger battery.

However, the Pixel 4a 5G is still quite a decent buy today, or at least in the US. Thus, Google has played smartly and instead of messing around with an already winning formula, decided to simply refresh it.


The result is a cheaper price tag of $449 that is $50 less than the Pixel 4a 5G’s starting price. In the US, there is little competition at that range, making the Pixel 5a a really value-for-money offering.

But of course, as with any smartphone, bugs and issues are reported by users right after release. New bugs arise following new updates too. Thus, we will be keeping track of both updates and bugs related to the Google Pixel 5a here.

Google Pixel 5a (5G) software updates

Sure, Android 12 development is nearing its end but is still weeks away from a stable release. Its latest version is Beta 4, which just like the name implies, is still a beta.


This means that the Pixel 5a isn’t coming with it out of the box and instead boots into Android 11. But Google is known to be the fastest in terms of updates, which is why the Pixel 5a will be one of the first to bag Android 12 when its stable version goes live.

That said, in this section, we’ll be tracking all the upcoming updates, including security patches, for the Google Pixel 5a.

We’d also greatly appreciate any tips regarding updates or bugs and issues related to the Google Pixel 5a to be dropped in the comments below or you can even reach out to us via Twitter.

Info last updated on Version Region / Download Changelog / User reports
October 23 Android 12 Global Announcement

Known bugs, issues, and problems

As already mentioned, bugs and issues are pretty normal during the early stages of any device. OEMs know of this and thus prioritize software updates for new releases, to quickly iron out kinks.

But even after bug fixes, users may continue facing problems due to the introduction of major updates. Major updates that bring along new features usually also manage to bring along multiple bugs.


Thus, in this section, we’ll keep track of some known bugs and issues with the Google Pixel 5a (5G) as well as any new ones that pop into existence.

Info last updated on Bug description Status
Aug. 23 Overheating issue during video recording (4k 60fps) Investigation underway
Aug. 31 Touchscreen issues Investigation underway
Aug. 31 Not receiving texts on Verizon Solution
Nov. 29 Stuck on black screen of death or bricked Unacknowledged

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