How to spoof Jurassic World Alive with iAnyGo on iOS & Android?

The popularity of many AR games including Jurassic World Alive, Pokemon, Ingress Prime, and Harry Potter, among others, has gained heights.

Many people around the world like the fact that these games totally change the virtual game world and make it feel like the real world.

Among these AR games, Jurassic World Alive has attracted a lot of attention from gamers around the world. If you are an avid fan of this game, you must be wondering if you can play it with a cheat.

By spoofing in the game, you don’t need to move in reality to collect dinosaurs since you can do all this while staying home. Sounds interesting?

Let’s discuss Jurassic World Alive spoofing and get to know the reliable ways to do so on iOS and Android devices.

Can you still spoof Jurassic World Alive in 2022?

A big yes. You can definitely fake your current location in the game to avoid roaming around in reality. Not everyone likes to move and play the game the whole day on mobile.

So, in such a situation, if you already feel tired of going out then spoofing in Jurassic World Alive can help you to conquer this challenging game.

The only thing that should be in check is the reliability of the tool you are using. Not all the tools can work on both iOS and Android devices due to different operating systems.

Just make sure you find the best of all to double the fun in the game while staying in the safe zone.

How to spoof Jurassic World Alive iOS?

Due to the popularity of this AR game, many fraudulent activities are being reported on the internet related to the Jurassic World Alive game.

Such scammers offer you an easy way to play and progress in the game and snatch your whole account from you this way.

So it would be wise not to trust anything and everything you see on the internet.

Finding the best iOS spoofing tool is also very challenging due to other fake tools. But we have got the best for you so you don’t need to fret.

Tenorshare iAnyGo is a professional location spoofer that makes it super easy to hide your current location and pretend to be somewhere else.

It offers a GPS joystick experience for Jurassic World Alive which lets you control your movement in the game and play at the speed you want.

It’s not only meant for Jurassic World Alive, but you can also spoof location in any location-based app.

For crazy fans of Jurassic World Alive, this tool is a treat since it’s powerful safe, and highly trusted software to spoof your location.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • One-click location spoofing.
  • Adjust speed, and change movement direction to keep your walk natural.
  • Play the game by already planning a route.


  • Desktop-based tool.

Here is how to use Tenorshare’s iAnyGo to spoof location in Jurassic World Alive on iOS.

Step 1: Download and launch iAnyGo on your computer and proceed with the ‘Joystick Movement’ option from the interface.


Step 2: Connect your iOS device using a USB cable.


Step 3: Adjust a speed of your choice from the speed slider and start your joystick movement in the game. You can tweak the direction using the keyboard anytime anywhere.


How To Spoof Jurassic World Alive Android?

When it comes to fake GPS tools for Jurassic World Alive on Android devices, there are many apps available. But not all these apps function the same way.

Among the trusted spoofing apps for android, the ‘Fake GPS location’ app is a good option. This GPS joystick app saves the day for you since all you need to do it to fake the location and play the game at home.

Here is how to get started with this Jurassic world alive joystick android device:

Step 1: Install the app and enable the developer mode. For this, visit settings > About Phone > Software > Tap ‘Build Number’ multiple times until developer mode is enabled.

Step 2: Now open the app, set the location, speed, and other things.

Step 3: Start playing the Jurassic World Alive game by spoofing your location.

FAQs about How to Jurassic World Alive Spoofing

Q1: Can you use VPN for Jurassic World Alive?

Yes! The apps you use to spoof your location in Jurassic World Alive use a VPN to fake the location.

For example, Tenorshare iAnyGo for iOS device’s fake location in location-based AR-games by using VPN and hard device.

Q2: How can I play Jurassic World Alive from home?

Spoofing location comes with the ease of playing games being home. If you have the right location spoofer in hand then there is no worry to roam in the real world.

Q3: Where can I play Jurassic World Alive?

If you are using an Android device then download Jurassic World Alive from the Google Play Store. For iOS users, this game is available on the App Store.

Q4: How do you fake or spoof the GPS in Jurassic World Alive?

You can fake GPS using Tenorshare iAnyGo location spoofer on iOS devices as it’s the safest option. For Android users, there are many options available, and using the “Fake GPS Location” app is one of them.

Closing remarks

There is no built-in option available to spoof location on iOS and Android devices. Jurassic World Alive spoofing is a personal choice as it’s almost impossible to play this game under extremely unpleasant outdoor weather.

So, we recommend iOS users go with Tenorshare iAnyGo as it’s a reliable, sturdy, and professional spoofing tool. It has got a map of the whole world so go anywhere you want and play the game being home.

That said, Tenorshare also has a detailed guide on how to spoof Jurassic World Alive that you can check out here.


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