[Updated] Overwatch 2 OWL tokens & skins missing or not received yet? Here's the official word

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Original story (published on November 7, 2022) follows:

Spoiler alert! On November 4, 2022, the Overwatch League Grand Finals concluded, with Dallas Fuel emerging triumphant in a tight conclusion.

Developers had something in mind for fans who wanted to support their favorite team while also getting rewarded for watching them.

So those who linked their Battle.net accounts, and watched the matches throughout the entire week of Playoffs and Grand Finals will earn in-game perks.

Overwatch 2 OWL tokens and skins missing

However, Overwatch 2 players are reporting that their OWL tokens and skins are missing or that they have not yet received them despite fulfilling all of the requirements (1,2,3,4,5,6).

Overwatch 2 OWL tokens & skins missing

Players were intended to receive 5 League Tokens for every hour they watched and 3 Overwatch League home and away skins for every 3 hours viewed, up to a total of 30 hours.

Additionally, special Overwatch 2 cosmetics made by the community were dropped after reaching certain viewership milestones.

In some cases, players receive their earned tokens and skins, but the rewards are lower than what they should have received for reaching the benchmark. Others received nothing.

This is really annoying for everyone because they have already spent a significant amount of time watching the entire event in order to obtain all of the rewards.

so i’ve watched a lot and afk’d through even more of the owl and i didn’t get anything during the whole thing, which im not suprised by so i assumed i would get everything in one big drop after it concluded. but no, nothing so far. have any of you gotten your stuff?

Seeing tons of people who watched hours and hours of OWL only to get a couple of tokens. Some people have even lost tokens randomly whilst logging in. I watched ALL of the semifinals and grand finals and got maybe a quarter of the tokens I actually earned. I know I’m not alone in this. Absolute BS that I’ve watched 30+ hrs of OWL content to get basically nothing.

Official word

According to the developers’ official page, the in-game items and perks will appear in a player’s account on or after November 15, 2022:

OWL rewards issue

So, Overwatch 2 players must wait until November 15, 2022, for the rewards to be credited to their accounts.

We’ll keep an eye on further developments and update this story to reflect noteworthy information.

Update 1 (November 16, 2022)

11:25 am (IST): Many Overwatch 2 players are again reporting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) that they haven’t received their OWL tokens.

05:41 pm (IST): Blizzard has confirmed that, after a delay of a couple of days, the next patch that includes the fix to the issue will finally arrive on November 17.

We are now planning to release this mid-season patch on Thursday, November 17 at 11 AM PST. Thank you to our players for your patience as we addressed this issue.

Update 2 (November 18, 2022)

09:51 am (IST): A number of reports suggest that some players (1,2,3,4) are not getting their YouTube drops, tokens, or skins even after watching the streams.

Fortunately, the developers have acknowledged the issue and working alongside the YouTube team to come up with a fix.

We are aware of an issue regarding the delivery of our #OWLGrandFinals viewership incentives and are working with @TeamYouTube to identify a solution.
We will share more updates as we receive them.

Note: You can also checkout our Overwatch 2 bug tracker.

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