Do you have a beautiful backyard garden that you take pride in growing? Whether you’ve recently started gardening or have been doing it for quite some time, you may still struggle with the process of watering your plants to keep them growing and thriving throughout the year.

In addition, it may be costing you much more than you’d like to maintain your beautiful plants.

If you use a modern intelligent controller that can perfectly solve this problem, after a long time of testing, we recommend the Imolaza Smart Sprinkler Controller.

Imolaza Smart Sprinkler Controller can save you more time and effort while allowing you to take the best care of your backyard garden, no matter the season.

Not so sure how it works? Check out the top four reasons why Imolaza would be your best choice.


Conserve more water

If you’ve noticed your water bill has skyrocketed over the past several months, you may be stressing over the situation and feeling unsure of what to do.

Although you want to provide your plants with the water needed to enhance growing conditions and help them thrive, you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on water-related expenses to make that happen.

Imolaza gets your back. The Imolaza Wi-Fi sprinkler controller system also comes equipped with smart weather features.

This features syncs with local weather forecasts to further automate your gardening capabilities.

When rain showers are in the forecast, Imolaza can automatically reduce the water plants receive from the sprinkler systems to compensate for natural rainfall.

This further ensures that plants in each zone are receiving the correct amount of water even when they are exposed to natural elements.

Basically, it saves 30% to 50% more water than before, and so does the bill.


The smart cycle feature also helps in saving water. Enable it would divide the whole watering process into several small processes, which gives more time for the soil to fully absorb the water and prevent running off.

In addition to preventing wasted water, it deepens the plant’s root system, making it grow healthier and stronger. It’s the most effective way to save on water while keeping your plants healthy.

Ideal watering routine

How often do you struggle with your watering routine? Even if you’ve jotted down the days of the week and specific times you need to water certain plants, it may still not work out for you.

Your plants may need watering, and you’re simply not at home. Because it’s nearly impossible to predict everything you’ll do in a single day, there may be times when your plants go without water for extended periods.

The Imolaza app offers you six interval ways and four irrigation times. You can set your plants up for watering at specific times.

Your yard could be watered on any day of the week or watered only on odd days or even days. You can also choose daily intervals.

Your watering schedule can be started or ended at a specific time or started before sunrise and ended after sunset.

All 24 ways watering routines make a flexible schedule, which does a great job in those areas with strict water restrictions.

Water your plants, even when you’re away

One thing about having a garden is that it requires consistent effort. But what if you need to leave home for a bit?

Whether on an assignment for work or planning to go on a much-needed vacation, you may worry about how you’ll maintain your plants when you’re not there.

While this was once a concern, smart sprinklers eliminate the worry over how and when you’ll get to water your plants.

You don’t have to feel guilty about having a good time on vacation when you know your garden is thriving throughout the week.


The easy-to-use Imolaza App let you keep track of your lawn’s watering anytime, anywhere. As long as your controller is connected to the Internet, you can give every watering demand to it.

Just like home. Notifications will be sent to you whenever the watering schedule starts or ends, of course when something goes wrong.

So, enjoy your vacation, enjoy the wind and the wine. You may say, no, what if the WI-Fi is down? When your controller suffers some net problems, it will run as normal, the schedules you set would run day by day just like nothing happened.

Is there any reason for you to be unsure, no. Go get a ticket to Hawaii, now.

The final conclusion

With such a convenient device, gardeners can easily promote the steady growth of their favorite plants. Ensure that every drop of water counts.

Imolaza offers a convenient, time-saving solution to help you use water effectively and keep your garden thriving, from anywhere in the world, during any season.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, made possible in association with Imolaza. PiunikaWeb doesn’t take any responsibility of the product being advertised here.

About Imolaza: Imolaza is a new company in town and currently only offers its Smart Sprinkler Controller to help customers take good care of their lawns.


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