Spotify Dream SMP (or DSMP) genre gathers hate, users want it removed before Wrapped 2022 kicks in

Spotify is one of the most popular and used music streaming services worldwide. For some time now, it has become the favorite music service of millions of people.

Spotify offers a huge catalog of songs for all possible genres. However, it seems that for one reason or another, not all genres available on the platform are well received.


Such is the case of the Dream SMP (or DSMP) genre that is raising a lot of hate to the point that Spotify users want it removed before Wrapped 2022 kicks in.

The controversial Spotify Dream SMP (or DSMP) genre

Dream SMP (or DSMP) is basically a private Minecraft server that you can only enter by invitation. However, for some unknown reason, Spotify has re-registered it as a music genre.

Every year, Spotify users receive their Wrapped, which is basically a summary of their favorite songs and podcasts during that year. Spotify Wrapped also highlights your favorite genres.

So, many Spotify users are requesting Spotify to remove the Dream SMP (or DSMP) genre. They want to prevent it from appearing on their ‘Spotify Wrapped 2022’ for listening to some artists or bands tagged by Spotify in this genre.


im so lucky i didnt get dsmp genre for any of my spotify wrappeds LMFAO but thats literally the stupidest thing they made.. no one laughed. remove the dsmp genre


lovejoy, corpse, toby fox, alec benjamin, matt maltese, c418 and james marriott all fall into this genre, and none of their music has anything to do with that server

Spotify users want it removed before Wrapped 2022 kicks in

Spotify users who want to remove the Dream SMP (or DSMP) genre have two main reasons. First, the fact that it’s not a real music genre, but a Minecraft server.


The other problem is how Spotify determines which artists are ‘DSMP’. Apparently, the genre includes random bands and singers with no musical relationship between them.

spotify remove the dsmp genre please
It undermines artists who want to make their own separate music. it’s like giving a list of movie genres and picking a movie title to be its own genre, and lumping other movies in with that movie

SPOTIFY REMOVE THE DSMP GENRE from Spotify Wrapped Please It takes over so many good artists with no connection at all pls save Toby fox and many other artists please!

Since DSMP is not a music genre as such, it’s not clear why Spotify would randomly label certain artists or bands as ‘DSMP’.

Fans of artists currently tagged as ‘DSMP’ on Spotify are very upset as they feel it negatively affects them. Also, they don’t want ‘DSMP’ to appear on their Spotify Wrapped 2022 as one of their favorite genres.

There is still no official word from the Spotify team on this issue. We will update this story as new relevant developments emerge.

NOTE: You can also check the Spotify bugs/issues tracker.

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