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iOS is one of the two main operating systems for mobile devices in the industry. It normally gets a big yearly update, followed by successive incremental updates.

Each iOS update usually brings new features and bug fixes. However, there are also certain features that many users have been asking for changes due to poor implementation.

One of the most requested changes by iOS users is related to the ‘Low battery’ warning alert.

For iOS 16, many users were expecting a tweak to the current obtrusive ‘Low battery’ pop-up or prompt behavior. But, unfortunately, it seems that everything remains the same (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12).

iOS 16 update keeps the annoying ‘Low battery’ pop-up or prompt

The main problem with the iOS ‘Low battery’ pop-up or prompt is how intrusive it is. Once the battery level of the device reaches 20%, the pop-up appears in the middle of the screen.

Also, if you continue using the phone and the battery drops to 10%, the notification will appear again.

However, in addition to appearing in the middle of the screen, the notification can also directly interfere with what you’re doing (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11).

For instance, if you are watching a video, it will stop. In more annoying cases, if you are in the middle of a match in an online game, the ‘Low battery’ warning can even cause the game to disconnect.


Iphones are mad annoying, watching a 20 second video about to finish the joke and the iOS 20% battery warning pops up over the joke and now i gotta rewatch, phone overheated as i opened a snapchat message and it deleted the message before i could read it lmaoo just let me live iphone.

It’s a little pathetic that they implement these subtle UI changes over such a long period of time. The volume slide notification was implemented over 2 years ago but they didn’t do the battery warning ? It’s same bullshit iOS code.

An issue that has been ongoing for years

It’s worth pointing out that this problem has been around for a long time. There are reports related to the intrusive Low battery pop-up for at least 4 years (1, 2).


iOS users demand a more discreet Low battery warning prompt

As a potential fix, iOS users recommend that Apple should implement a more discreet floating notification, similar to Android’s implementation of the ‘Low battery’ warning.

I’ve had an iPhone for almost two years. One of the few things that annoy me is the fact that the low-battery alert is intrusive and interrupts whatever you’re doing.

So I suggest that the low-battery alert could emerge as a notification instead of appearing in the center of the screen, interrupting whatever you’re doing. This is something that Android already does. I don’t know why this isn’t in iOS yet.


Previously, iOS had a similar problem with incoming calls taking over the entire screen. But, recent versions of iOS implemented a much less annoying floating notification for it.

So, users think that if Apple was able to fix the ‘incoming call notification’ issue, they can also solve the ‘Low battery’ pop-up or prompt problem in a similar way.

There is no official word on the issue from Apple yet. But we will update this story if new developments regarding the matter arise.

Update 1 (Oct. 24, 2022)

05:00 pm (IST): Looks like the issue is here to stay. The pop-up still appears when in landscape mode on the iPhone 14 Pro/Max.


But luckily, in portrait mode, the Dynamic Island handles the alert, as mentioned in a report.

Update 2 (Nov. 16, 2022)

09:54 am (IST): The obtrusive ‘Low battery’ warning pop-up/prompt is still a problem even after recent updates.

Even iPhone 14 (non-Pro) exhibits the same problem not only in landscape but also in portrait due to the absence of the Dynamic Island to replace the notification.

NOTE: You can also check the iOS 16 bugs/issues tracker.

Featured Image: Apple

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