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Original story (published on May 15, 2021) follows:

We understand service outages or breakage are pretty common. But when an outage ends up concerning a massive user base, it becomes worth highlighting.

Something similar is happening with the Santander Bank app and website as of writing this.

In the past few hours, a proliferation of reports saying the Santander Bank app and website is down, not working, and showcasing a message stating ‘Oops! Sorry, something went wrong‘ on accessing are populating the micro-blogging site — Twitter.

Take a look at what some of the complainants have to say:

@santanderukhelp app not working,online banking not working,card being refused? here we go another day of carnage with Santander. (Source)

Can you answer all the queries about the app / online banking not working please? So that we can all see what’s gone wrong… “Oops” is not good enough!!! (Source)

@santanderukhelp is the banking app down? I keep getting “something went wrong” (Source)

The problem only popped up after the recent overnight maintenance to the Santander mobile banking app as highlighted by a user.


Fortunately, the Santander Bank UK support team has confirmed that they are aware of the issue with the banking app and website not working or down.


Worry not, we’re keeping a close watch on the service providers’ social media channels for more information on what could be causing this problem.

We’ll share with you the relevant developments as and when we bump into any. So stay tuned to this space for the latest info on the matter.

Update 1 (May 15, 2022)

The problem has still not been addressed and Santander Bank support has responded to a user’s complaint by stating that there’s no timescale for the fix. Hence, it may take a while longer to start functioning again.


Update 2 (August 20)

IST 03:21 pm: A section of Santander Bank users have been reporting being unable to access the banks online banking and mobile banking services. Now it is coming to light that the issue could be related to the Sky Broadband outage.

santander issue

Update 3 (September 04, 2022)

IST 12:12 pm: Fresh reports on Twitter indicate that many Santander bank users aren’t able to use the app or website to access their accounts. Further, Downdetector also suggests that the service is going through an outage at the moment.

Are Santander systems down? Can’t get online, Apple Pay not working bit embarrassing at the shop (Source)

The Santander app and website are down. Also I’ve noticed a lot the last few months a lot of money seems to be missing from my balance then a day or two later it reappears with nothing pending. So weird (Source)

@santanderukhelp is Santander down at the minute? I can’t log on to online banking or use my card. (Source)


The bank is yet to make any official statements regarding the outage.

Update 4 (November 22, 2021)

11:48 am (IST): Downdetector has recorded over 850+ reports indicating that users are facing issues with the Santander banking app. There’s no official acknowledgment regarding the outage, yet.

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Update 5 (June 1, 2022)

01:58 pm (IST): Many users are now reporting (1, 2) that Santander banking app is currently down or not working for them.

Update 6 (Sept. 30, 2022)

04:26 pm (IST): Fresh reports on Twitter and Downdetector now suggest that Santander Banking app is currently down or not working for many.

Update 7 (Oct. 3, 2022)

07:15 pm (IST): According to reports on Downdetector, the recent outage with Santander has now been resolved.

Update 8 (Nov. 14, 2022)

02:55 pm (IST): Fresh reports indicate that the Santander Banking app is currently down or not working for many users (1, 2, 3).

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