Mastodon server selection overwhelms Twitter migrants; email verification for approval & password reset also troublesome

Mastodon is a popular free and open-source platform that allows anyone to create a self-hosted social network site. What makes things even more enticing are the Twitter-like microblogging features that it offers.

Users can create or join a server, share their opinion with others and build a community. This makes Mastodon a pretty good option for Twitter users looking to migrate after Elon Musk’s acquisition.

However, the transition from Twitter to Mastodon has been quite uncomfortable for many.

Mastodon server selection is confusing and exhausting

New Mastodon users are feeling overwhelmed by the unusual server selection process of the platform.

Mastodon server selection

I haven’t tried it so far. I signed up for mastodon but there were too many servers to pick from

Mastodon was confusing. What server do I pick?

It appears that those new to Mastodon are either unable to find a server that matches their interests or are presented with so many options that they feel stuck in a situation of analysis paralysis.

It’s worth noting that Mastodon works on a unique server-based system where each server is individually-hosted and interacts freely with others. Everything is decentralized and there is no ‘main server’.

The developer (Eugen Rochko, Mastodon gGmbH) runs and Every other server is unofficially managed by its own community.

The platform is completely run by its user base with little to no involvement of the developers. This is exactly why every server looks different, the platform lacks homogeneity and everything feels so confusing and overwhelming.

Users can only select one server at a time which further adds to the confusion. But that’s just what Mastodon is supposed to be like. It’s an eccentric platform with its own style, personality, rules and regulations.

Those migrating from Twitter may feel out of place for a while but I am sure with enough research and experimentation, they’ll find the community of their choice.

Here is a list of servers that you can go through to find the one that might suit you.

The problems don’t end here, though. Some are having trouble while trying to verify their Email or reset their password on Mastodon.

Email verification and password reset issues

All new users must verify their Email to get their accounts approved on the platform. But some haven’t received the confirmation email even after multiple attempts.

Mastodon server selection

A similar problem affects the password reset process as well. Those who have forgotten their Mastodon password are now locked out of their account as they are unable to receive the password reset emails.

i signed up for but i forgot my password, i didn’t get the email for it

We hope Mastodon developers are able to find the root cause behind the email-related issues and fix them as soon as possible.

We’ll keep an eye on this matter and update this story to reflect noteworthy information.

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