As many will know by now, Twitter is now owned by Elon Musk, the same owner of Tesla and SpaceX. The purchase was completed after a convulsive process with changes of opinion and complaints involved.

Since his arrival, Elon Musk has set himself a clear goal: to reduce the large losses generated by the service. Apparently, Twitter in its ‘pre-Musk’ state wasn’t that profitable, losing around $4 million a day.

To try to change this, Musk has started to take some notable steps. For instance, there was a massive layoff in the Twitter workforce, plus the Twitter Blue subscription (now priced at $8/month) was revamped.


However, there are still people who distrust the administration of Elon Musk, and fear that it could lead to the disappearance of the service in the worst case. Therefore, they have already started to take their own measures.

Download Twitter archive or data

Now, many Twitter users are paying attention to the option that allows them to download their archive or data. It is basically a compressed file with your Twitter history.

So, fearing the worst-case scenario (disappearance of the service), many users are recommending everyone to download their personal Twitter archive.


Download your Twitter archive now, in case that daftie tanks this place completely (or charges you $8).

I’ve lived on this account since 2012 crying but thanks for the reminder to download my twitter archive 😭

The situation is also confusing many other users who are wondering why they should download their personal archive.


Why will I want to download my twitter archive ? To use it for what ?


Why should you download your Twitter data or archive?

If you are one those wondering why you should download your personal archive, there are a few reasons.

For instance, some users point out that Twitter is currently like a gigantic knowledge base. Therefore, the value of the information on the platform is very high.


After all, Twitter is a trending platform, and as such it has shown the reactions of millions of users around the world to dozens of modern historical events.

Another reason is simply to keep a backup of your history. This serves to keep your most valuable posts in case you want to leave the platform or the worst scenario occurs (disappearance).

If Twitter changes & are concerned you might leave or lose your account, it will give you a local offline copy of all of your posts & media – handy if you think you might want to refer back or want to keep a record of everything on your account to the date you created the archive

Another potential reason is also thinking in the worst case scenario. Basically, backing up millions of users would allow building a new platform more easily.

Download all of the data they have on you. We’ll find somewhere WE CAN TRUST that we can upload it to. Between “us” and everyone else who captures twitter msgs – we can “re-build” it all. But, if you’ve downloaded your own: YOU’RE more “in-control”.

Here’s how you can do it

If you want to download your Twitter archive or data, just follow these steps:

Settings and support
Settings and privacy
Your account
Download an archive of your data.

At the end, the system will ask you to re-enter your access credentials. You should also keep in mind that you will not be able to download the file immediately, but it will take some time to process (you will get a notification).

However, it is also possible that you will receive an error message when your file is unavailable. This could be because many people are trying to do the same thing, and you should try to complete the process later.

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