COD: Modern Warfare 2 players unhappy with most attachments & jumping reducing ADS speed

Activision’s recently launched COD: Modern Warfare 2 took the gaming world by storm because of its impressive campaigns and gameplay features.

However, it is also laced with some bugs and issues. For instance, we recently highlighted the missing Vault Edition content.

And now, it seems that players are quite unhappy with the attachments as they don’t go without taking a hit at the ADS speed.

COD: Modern Warfare 2 ADS speed reduces while using attachments

Many COD: Modern Warfare 2 players are experiencing an issue where using certain attachments to the gun causes a reduction in ADS speed.


Why does basically every attachment in MW2 decrease ADS speed? It’s like they actively want you to run bae weapons.

Why does nearly every single attachment affect ads speed? As soon as you throw on a couple attachments, your gun takes a century to aim in. Your’re better off using no attachments. The cons outweigh the pros on every attachment.

There are certain attachments with a bigger scope that changes your speed and mobility. But in this case, even the attachments with normal sight are resulting in an ADS penalty.

This is quite frustrating for players as ADS speed is one of the most important aspects throughout the entire gameplay.

ADS penalties while jumping

To make matters worse, jumping also affects the ADS speed negatively and triggers a penalty.


I don’t know if anyone has noticed but why is there a massive ADS penalty when jumping?
I feel like this is a totally unneeded change and that it’s just way too punishing due to how slow you ADS.

It makes the gameplay basically uninviting because more aggressive players can’t keep up with the same style as it affects the ADS speed while jumping.

Unfortunately, the developers haven’t commented on the issue where using attachments and jumping reduces the ADS speed in Modern Warfare 2.

We also have not come across any workaround that can help resolve the issue temporarily. Hopefully, the team figures out a permanent solution to the ADS penalties at the earliest.

We’ll keep an eye on this issue and update this story to reflect important developments.

NOTE: You can also check out the COD saga tracker for updates on other bugs and issues.

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