Sleep issues are frequently disregarded and seem insignificant. However, sleep has a considerable impact on your well-being, ranging from headaches and low immunity to gaining weight.

Many medical problems are also related to waking up in the middle of the night and feeling exhausted in the morning.

The Journey: Sleep Insomnia Helper app, your portable sleep support, comes to the rescue. It aims to help to improve sleep and gives a specific plan, which also affects overall well-being with effortless actions.


Is the Journey app science-backed?

The Journey: CBT for insomnia app is a scientifically backed digital program. It is based on cutting-edge research and supported by FDA-approved CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) methods.

All tips and recommendations inside the app including the unique Sleep Course are written by real prominent sleep specialists. In short, everything is thought out well.

Recent studies have shown that CBT can produce positive effects that persist after treatment ends. It combines therapies such as cognitive restructuring and stimulus control.

Moreover, this therapy is available in many hospitals and centers. Insomnia mostly affects middle-aged and elderly people.

People with chronic conditions, women, and people taking certain medications are also at higher risk. Therefore, the program is mainly intended for 50+ adults.

Many people of this age have difficulty falling and staying asleep and frequently wake up at night.

All of this leads to exhaustion during the day and other health issues. Journey’s approach to sleep assistance comes into play at this point.


How effective is Journey?

As noted above, the Journey app is powered by scientific research in the field of CBT, accustoming users to sleep hygiene – an extremely important aspect in the fight against insomnia.

Sleep hygiene includes advice on sleep and daily habits to promote restful sleep.

During sleep hygiene training, you will learn about healthy habits and will be asked to follow certain tips to improve your sleep (for example, not drinking coffee at the end of the day or sticking to a regular sleep schedule).

Although it seems unimportant, sleep hygiene is strongly associated with a higher risk of poor sleep quality.

Another benefit of sleep hygiene education is that it does not require the participation of a healthcare professional and people can practice it on their own.

In terms of the effectiveness of CBT, studies show that up to 80% of patients with insomnia report improved sleep: they fall asleep faster, spend more time sleeping, and wake up less at night.

According to the American College of Physicians, adult patients should undergo CBT as the initial treatment for chronic insomnia. In some patients, CBT has proven to be even more effective than drugs.

Overall, research shows that CBT is highly effective in treating a variety of health-related disorders, including insomnia.

CBT helps break the vicious cycle of anxiety about lack of sleep and lack of sleep due to this anxiety.

Thus, we can conclude that the techniques used in Journey can really help you improve your sleep and improve the quality of your life.

According to real user reviews of Journey, people feel great relief, fall asleep faster and sleep through the night for the first week and beyond. They wake up rested and their anxiety is reduced.

A personalized 30-day sleep plan will help you find new ways for you to calm down and sleep better. The Journey will support you every step of the way in taking care of yourself.


Getting started with the Journey app

The Journey app is truly intuitive and easy to use.

Download the app from the App Store, and install it on your smartphone. You will start from the Home screen, where you can check in and navigate the all options.


After registration, the application’s introduction begins with a brief but crucial Quiz. There, you let the app discover more about your sleep issues and wellness goals in order to provide personalized content later.


Then you will have access to all of the tools for restful sleep. From the beginning, you can watch a tutor for easy navigation in the application.

From the Profile area, you may access your account, bedtime preferences, and Favorites.


In Media Library on the main screen you will find different categories:

  • You might like” suggests sounds and stories based on your answers to the quiz questions.
  • Play to…” lets you select audio to sleep, relieve anxiety, clear your mind, or manage other problems.
  • New & Popular” allows you to enjoy the most popular sounds.


You can explore sleep tales, nature noises, or instrumental music. It is possible to add any sound to Favorites to create your own playlist.


Among different tools, you will also see Chatbot notifications. You will be able to get sleep and access personalized material if you do daily energy and sleep check-ins.


You may also contact support, leave feedback, or join the Instagram or Facebook communities.

What are Journey’s main features for sleeping better?

The Journey app provides a step-by-step plan to support and improve your sleep. Among the main features of the app you will find:

  • Science-based approach: Based on the latest research and validated by CBT. Trust the advice and advice of the sleep experts.
  • Sleep Course: Get a personalized sleep plan from leading sleep experts with step-by-step guidance to help you achieve your sleep goals. The plan is divided into morning and evening sessions. Each session takes no more than 7 minutes and consists of guided exercises and valuable tips based on your personal sleep goals.
  • The Digital Assistant: is always available to help you relax, fall asleep or fall asleep again. At any time of the day or night, he will recommend the appropriate content or technique that best suits your needs in a particular situation.
  • Sleep Coach: Will guide you and help you change your sleep habits through behavior, providing support and motivating you on your path to healthy and quality sleep.
  • Variety of sleep content: Exclusive sleep stories, ASMR, videos, meditations, nature sounds, instrumental music, ambiance, noise sleep aids, etc. that help you relax, relieve anxiety, and calm down.

It is also worth noting the issue of data security. The developer states that user safety is their #1 priority. All your answers are encrypted and stored in the cloud. None of your sleep data is shared with third parties or external partners.


Is the Journey app subscription worth it?

Initially, you can get a free 7-day trial that will give you access to the full wealth of Journey tools for you to try and evaluate. If you like it, continue the paid subscription.

The monthly membership costs $19.99 and the yearly plan auto-renews for $99.99.

The Premium segment provides the most comprehensive and one-of-a-kind 30-day sleep course that includes personalized tips and exercises, a live sleep coach, and a digital assistant.

You can watch soothing videos, listen to cosmic sounds, instrumental music, dream stories, guided 512Hz thoughtful meditations, positive affirmations, and more.

The collection also has hundreds of sounds for quick stress relief and sound sleep, such as cat purring, brown noise, or ocean waves.

Perhaps, you want to fall asleep to a gentle voice telling you about your trip to Italy or reminding you of sweet memories of your past. Here it is.

So, is the Journey worth your money?

Definitely yes! According to user and expert reviews, Journey is considered one of the best sleep improvement apps. The Journey shows improvement quickly enough that you can relax and fall into a deep sleep after a long day. You will get the sleep you deserve.


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About Journey Sleep & Wellness Inc.: The IT company was founded in 2021 and provides result-oriented, result-oriented, and data-driven products. They have over 20,000+ app installs.


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