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It’s Halloween season which means new skins and events for Overwatch 2 players from October 25 to November 9, 2022. Players can unlock rewards during Halloween Terror by watching their favorite streamers on Twitch.

However, some are displeased by the way the developers have handled the event so far.

Overwatch 2 Halloween skins a disappointment

Many Overwatch 2 players have expressed their disappointment with the new Halloween event skins on social media (1,2,3,4,5).

Overwatch 2 Halloween skins a disappointment

Every Overwatch player looks forward to the yearly Halloween event because of the large variety of skins available to earn or purchase from the shop.

They were let down this year because the developers only released two skins, each going for $20. Players believe that this is an extremely high price for pretty average-looking skins.

Furthermore, legacy Halloween skins aren’t even available during this Halloween event like it used to happen in Overwatch.

Several players believe that there is nothing to play for in the game because all skins have to be purchased from the shop. Historically, players received free skins that could be unlocked by playing the event.

bring back the loot box system, also the fact we cant buy old halloween skins is fucking stupid, you could always buy legacy skins but now u cant

There are 2 skins I always missed in loot boxes but always wanted, halloween ones. The one time I was considering buying skins. Yet old halloween skins aren’t even available during the halloween event. Only a select few. What? Blizzard can’t even get their own scam right lmao

Overwatch 2 players were also anticipating new skins for Mercy but have been disappointed as developers haven’t provided a skin for the character (1,2,3,4).

It’s about time for real. I already have lots of skin & I’d say more than 50% in total of all skins etc. but I’m still missing a lot for my favs like Mercy for example. They really need to bring back loot boxes—and for everyone who says “they became illegal in some countries”Source

Disconnects, login or LC-208 error

Another issue that has impacted the larger player base is the frequent disconnects or login error (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)

Overwatch 2 login error

Several players complain that they cannot get past the loading screen as they keep getting an LC-208 error displayed on the screen. Others say that the game keeps disconnecting.

This has been the case since the Halloween update came out and seems to be happening on all platforms (consoles and PC).

@BlizzardCS how come all of a sudden i can’t play @PlayOverwatch for more than a few minutes before it totally crashes. Have been playing since launch with 0 issues, but after this Halloween update I’m absolutely unable to play. Kicks me out of discord as well.

Potential workaround

Fortunately, we have come across a potential workaround for the error code LC-208 or disconnection issue. Players need to log in to the game on a PC then they will be access it on their consoles:

Overwatch workaround

That being said, stay tuned to PiunikaWeb to know if and when there are any further developments regarding these issues.

Update 1 (October 27, 2022)

15:33 pm (IST): Blizzard has acknowledged the issue where players are getting an LC-208 error while logging in. However, there’s no ETA for a fix.


17:43 pm (IST): The issue that was causing frequent disconnects or login errors has been fixed by the team.

Fixed an issue that resulted in players receiving competitive mode penalties for leaving matches when the game crashed during launch. We have reset the leaver penalties on affected players so they can play ranked again

Update 2 (October 28, 2022)

01:10 pm (IST): Blizzard has shared detailed instructions for the previously mentioned workaround that can potentially fix the ‘LC-208 error’ problem.

LC-208 is a known issue that is being worked on. Some players have reported a possible workaround of logging into your account on PC, enter the firing range, then log out to the desktop. When you try to log back in on console the LC-208 error should be gone.

Note: You can also checkout our Overwatch 2 bug tracker.

Featured image source: Overwatch 2

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